Tweet Like Southwest Airlines [VIDEO]

SouthwestAirlinesThe best inspiration for setting up a great social media update plan is to look at a big sexy brand that is absolutely owning it. And as you likely know, there are few brands that fit that description as well as Southwest Airlines.

For this week’s Sexy Wednesday, we’re going to look at some sample tweets from the @SouthwestAir Twitter stream to inspire fun and engaging content for your strategy.

Tweet Like Southwest Airlines

1) Always retweet happy customers

It shouldn’t be the only thing in your stream because that’s annoying, but it doesn’t hurt to pimp out those testimonials from the horse’s mouth. Not to mention, you make that tweeter feel pretty darn special being featured on your social activity. Good positive reinforcement for advocacy!

2) Release 140-character press releases when customers will be effected

A great way to get ahead of crisis situation is to be up front about what’s going on so your customers know it’s being handled by your very competent (mosts overused word for employees instilling a negative experience) staff. Don’t be afraid to announce “failure” because the information is helping you to be a success.

3) Get real! But not too real

What’s a classic debate that you can refer to, whether it’s directly correlated with your industry or just barely grazing it. Interesting questions create great conversation. But steer away from all things touchy. Religion and politics, unless already a part of your brand, are a bit difficult to have a fun discussion about.

4) Show off with video updates

It’s so simple to create video updates that you could join Vine App and only publish 6 seconds of content. If that’s acceptable to the public at this point, how could you not? YouTube and Instagram are great ways to do this as well and you make a much deeper connection with your audience by giving them something to watch.

5) Let your milestones pay off for everyone

Birthday and anniversaries are not just fun for you as the business, but for your advocates as well. Give away free swag during these things and watch the retweet activity pile up.

6) Use hashtags

This is a tip that never seems to go away, but it’s most important on Twitter. You don’t have to use hashtags that are strictly business-related. Look at what’s trending and get your brand in front of a larger audience by engaging in a fun conversation with them. Anytime you can somehow connect it to fun stuff your company did, then awesome! But don’t be afraid to be human either way.

7) Partner up

Whenever there is a brand that isn’t a competitor that you can team up with to pimp each other out to your respective audiences, this is a great opportunity to grow for both of you. Find partner possibilities who have a similar follower count (or have another incentive to team up with you) to discuss how you can share fun stuff across account and organically make your followers aware that your partner exists. When you advocate for them and they advocate for you, both brands advocates will be on board.



What’s your favorite strategy from the Southwest Twitter stream?

How can you see your brand engaging in a similar way to encourage follower activity?

Did this advice make you have a better understanding of the culture that is the Twitter community?

Share your thoughts in the comments!