Why Twitter Doesn’t Work For You [VIDEO]

Something I hear quite often about Twitter is that “it doesn’t work” or “no one is over there”. Well ahem. And ahem. So yeah. If you think that, you’re pretty much wrong. But it’s a matter of using it right and knowing you’re being exposed to the right audience for your brand. To say “Twitter doesn’t work” is to say you just gave up.

So for Social Thursday, I thought I would share what you’re probably doing wrong that is making Twitter a complete waste of your time. Forgive the ranty-rant rant you’re about to endure.

Why Twitter Doesn’t Work For You:

Just like with any network, if you don’t know how a community works or even try to learn you’re likely not going to have your time be very well spent there. Obviously. Here are some things you’re likely doing wrong because, frankly, you probably didn’t know any better. (I mean, that’s what I’m here for right? Yeah okay. Blame it on me.)

What you’re likely doing wrong:

  1. You copy ALL of your Facebook content to Twitter. And it’s likely the only activity your Twitter feed sees. Please stop doing this. No one on Twitter cares what you said on Facebook and vice versa. You likely didn’t get to your point in the few alloted characters Twitter has designated for updates and seeing a Facebook link in my Twitter stream following an ellipse makes me sad. Respect the platform and take the time to post updates specifically for that community. Also, people on Facebook don’t like to read either so you might as well get used to updating all your networks with 140 characters or less.
  2. You only tweet self-promotional information. Seriously, do you think Twitter is a get-rich-quick scheme? It would definitely not be this popular if it was (did that make sense?) You need to stop thinking of Twitter as your soapbox and start treating it like a telephone or a networking event. Get to know some people before you start asking for their money.
  3. You don’t reply or retweet anyone… well except for self-promotion. Stop being so self-centered! People want you to care about them before they return the favor so you’re gonna be giving a lot before you start getting. Share talking to people and have conversations even if it doesn’t correlate directly to your bottom line. This is relationship building, not speed-selling.
  4. You’re not using any Twitter search options to see what people are saying about relevant topics, your industry or your brand. So like, what’s the point?! The whole reason you’re on Twitter is because there are A LOT of conversation happening that can benefit your brand to be a part of. How are you ever going to find them if you’re not searching? Use the advanced search features of Twitter, especially hashtags, for this or use Hootsuite to manage your presence and have running searches going at all times so you can chime in when something fits.

If you’re using Twitter, how is it working for you?