iPhone Photo Apps That Increase Engagement [VIDEO]

Many businesses, both small and large, are using iPhones and other smartphones to share photos to their social networks. It’s easy, convenient and best of all there are so many apps that you can download to get your photos social media-ready so you present the most engaging product possible.

Since I’m not as familiar with Google Play download options as I am with the App Store, I’m going to share my favorite apps for iPhone only that can help you better prepare your photos to get the most engagement when you share them with your online communities.

iPhone Photo Apps That Increase Engagement


Camera+ (Download)

This is a great app for enhancing your photo to be the best quality before you share. You can take photos within the app, but I usually use the native iPhone camera because it’s so quick and easy to open and then import the photo to Camera+ to enhance for a final product. Take care of lighting issues, cropping, add effects, change dimensions, and add filters and borders.


Diptic (Download)

What I think of Diptic I think of how much I used to love to Scrapbook when I was young. You can use this app to add multiple photos to one and make it more of a collage in just one share. It’s great when you have just a few photos to share but want to make sure you get the most engagement because your audience is more likely to see them all if you can knock it out in one share. There are other options in the app store if you want to try a free option first. But this one is my favorite.


Over (Download)

This is such a fun app. Photos are more engaging than text, but text on photos… awesome! People love meme-like photos, so whenever you have a photo that’s not a face (face photos are pretty engaging on their own) you should use Over to add some gorgeous text to it. There’s something about explaining on top of the photo that people love more than having to read the description.


What’s your favorite photo enhancement application (on any smartphone!)