4 Faces You Must See at Ohio Growth Summit

My company Vlog Boss Studios has had the pleasure of working with the Ohio Growth Summit for the second year in a row and the experts they bring in to speak only get better and better.

I’m particularly excited for this year because there are so many people I admire presenting. It’s always nice to be able to connect with my favorite thought leaders anytime through social media and blogging, but there’s nothing quite like the experience of seeing someone share their craft in person. The connection is unmatched.

These are four must-see faces who will be at this year’s Ohio Growth Summit:


Face 1: Amber MacArthur

I’ve been a fan of This Week in Tech for a long time for all things tech news. One of my favorite shows is The Social Hour with Amber Mac and Sarah Lane. This is where I first became acquainted with Amber and started following her. How could I not when she’s an awesome video personality who talks about social media and tech? Hello, Internet twin! When I found out Mike had asked Amber to keynote #OGS13 I was like “Mike! Get out of my head! How did we not talk about this and yet you chose the best person?!” Yeah or something like that.

Anyway, I’m stoked that she’s visiting from Toronto to talk social media at the Summit. She’s very experienced with building an online presence not only for her personal brand but for companies she has assisted through her business: Konnekt. Check out the video interview I did with Amber about her upcoming session. If you’ve started tapping into the social media world by reading/watching my blog, I think you’re really going to enjoy her presentation at #OGS13. (Register with “Amy” in the promo code area for 20% off your badge price!)


Face 2: Cheryl Harrison

Cheryl needs no introduction. If you’ve been following me for awhile you’re probably very aware of who she is. Not only my partner in crime for TechKaraoke here in Columbus (good times), but a brilliant lady in social media management absolutely killing it with the alcoholic beverage-friendly establishments around town. She’s been a blogger since before it was an official title and I’ve actually been following along since before I jumped into the marketing industry. She’s always been someone I’ve admired in this space so it brings me all kinds of beautiful smiles to be able to say she’s now a good friend. Thank god for our equally passionate love of 90’s pop.

I also did a video interview with Cheryl to help attendees get an idea of what they can expect from her session this year. Not only do you get to hear her tips and advice for starting relevant conversations through social media with your audience, but she is also bringing along a panel of other local management specialists to share their tips with you. Cheryl was good enough, for sure, but now this is one of THE go to breakout sessions for the Summit this year. (Again… Register with “Amy” in the promo code area for 20% off your badge price! Because who pays full price for these things?)


Face 3: Jess Ostroff

I had the pleasure of meeting Jess in Los Angeles for BlogWorld West at the end of 2011 through a mutual friend. She was helping Jay Baer pass out laser pointers to attendees of his session (needless to say it was a very interactive presentation). And that was the beginning of what I learned about her incredibly successful virtual/personal assisting business: Don’t Panic Management. Hello, name envy! She works with some of the biggest names in digital marketing and business consulting by helping them with the smaller tasks they can’t bother to spend time on anymore. Not that they aren’t important, but when you’re very good at something that is making you money, you should delegate the rest to be as efficient as possible. Jess and her people are the best complement for that.

If you’re wondering how you could become more efficient and focus on the important stuff for your business, Jess’ #OGS13 session is a must. The biggest take away by far is to hear from someone with experience what you actually should be outsourcing versus what you think you should. Sometimes a small task might be just that, but it might also be pivotal to be handled by you, the business owner. Getting an idea of what you should start delegating so you can get re-focused on your specialty is so huge for making sure you don’t get burnt out on what you love. (Would you just register already?! Use “Amy” in the promo code area for 20% off your badge price!)


Face 4: ME

I may not be presenting at Ohio Growth Summit this year (I’ll be too busy tweeting) but I’ll definitely be there the entire day so I don’t miss a thing (and also because it’s my job to be there all day.) These are four awesome ladies in social media in addition to so many other great business consulting specialists who will be at the Summit this year. It’s a can’t miss event in Columbus so if you’re in town, I’m talkin’ to you. The amount of value in one day is incomparable to other events. Even Gini Dietrich announced last year to the attendees AND her Twitter network that Ohio Growth Summit was the best conference she’d ever spoken at. And she speaks a lot so that makes me so proud to be a part of this.

Come with me to Ohio Growth Summit! Your business won’t be the same.