New Tagging Feature on Instagram [VIDEO]

Instagram took a cue from its boss Facebook and upgraded their app to integrate tagging of photos. This is a huge deal for brands because any account on the network can tag any other account (granted its public) in a picture.

Here’s what you need to know about tagging on Instagram and how to take advantage to engage your audience.

New Tagging Feature On Instagram

First you need to know that when a photo is tagged on Instagram, there is an indicator at the bottom left of the photo. It looks like this:

When you click that button the people tagged and their usernames will pop up so you can click on those to visit their profiles:

If your brand name is being tagged in Instagram photos, this is a great opportunity for exposure to your followers networks.

Some tips to help you get the tag love going for your brand:

Ask you customers if you can Instagram a photo of them and tag their account. If they’re on the network, they will appreciate the idea that your brand is going to give them a direct credit on the brand account and feel a deeper connection with you.

Ask your audience to tag you in their Instagram photos. Not only is this another way for you to see what your customers are saying about you but the photo will show up in your new tagged photos section of your profile and once you’ve approved it (or you can allow it to be automatic if you’re super trusting) it will show up and they will be featured on their account. You could even take it a step further and start Instagramming photos from people who are tagging you and really show them some love to your audience.

Tagging approval is up to you. As I mentioned, you have the option of setting your tagged photos tab on your profile to update automatically or only upon approval. So take this into consideration by visiting the settings on that tab to set to your preferred option. It looks like this:


Engage any tagging activity you get. Whenever tagging activity happens, this is an open invitation to engage your audience. So when someone tags you, like the photo. Share it. Follow them even. Anything you do to go above and beyond will be duly noted by your brand advocates. And make sure you’ve added the official badge to your website so more of your customers can find you and follow.

Make sure you’re tagging with partners. If you’re working with another company or person who complements your work, make sure to sure the love with them. Cross-promote each other by tagging photos of the other partner while at work on something. When your business friends do better, you do better. Especially if you helped.

How can you take advantage of the new tagging feature on Instagram?