Prepare to be Googled: 4 Tips To Impress With SEO [VIDEO]

It’s very important in this day of technology and social media to know what the results of Google or any other search engine are for your name.

People be stalkin’.

Jessica had the same questions. Specifically because there are a lot of other ladies that have her same name, including someone in her own family. She’s concerned of what potential clients will find with a Google background check to confuse them that may lead them away from her business. So I answered her question in today’s Savvy Tuesday to give everyone some ideas of how you can help yourself and your SEO results.

Prepare To Be Googled

Google everything about yourself

Most people who come across more than one person when they search for your name will often add any other details they know about you like the city you’re in and/or your industry. Don’t just track what your page results are for just your name, search your name and other public details about yourself.

Always go incognito

It’s extremely difficult to get organic search results anymore, especially with Google. Because even search engines are tailoring the best content for you based on what it knows with your other connected platforms and social networks. Google actually has an “Incognito Mode” so you can search without any of your personal details being factored in (tutorial in the video). Always use this when you’re trying to learn the real results for your name and business for someone who isn’t already connected to you in some way.

Stop depending on social networks to be your website

Social networks have the luxury of showing up very high in search which is nice to help get your brand name a few listings on the front page of Google, but your own webpage ABSOLUTELY MUST  be one of them. You never know when the one social network you love will crash and burn one day, which is why it’s always important to get social users to convert to your website. So if you don’t have a website for your business, there are a lot of problems with that. When you have a URL that is your name or your business name, that gives you a much greater chance of dominating the search results to attract attention to a professional source to learn more about you. If you don’t have a website, it’s hard to take your business seriously at all so get on that!

Buy your personal named URL

I own because that’s going to be a big helper in the SEO game. Even though I don’t have a site just for it helps because it is currently set to send people to So if my blog doesn’t show up when they’re searching for my name, that URL might help them get to the right place. I also have an “About Amy Schmittauer page of this website that helps with those search results as well. Anytime you can factor your name into your website (which you have unlimited power over) that’s going to help. Owning your personal URL will certianly help that as well.

How are you trumping the social networks with your search results?