YouTube Partner Program: Advantages and How To Get Started [VIDEO]

In last week’s Sexy Wednesday episode, there were some questions about how to actually implement custom YouTube thumbnails once they have been created. I didn’t answer those questions because the video was meant to be a design helper, but I’ll happily address this today.

In order to access additional features on YouTube such as custom thumbnails (instead of those three terrible poses YouTube chooses of you from your footage) you need to be enrolled in their Partner Program. This is something that used to be exclusive to a small percentage of the network, but now is available to anyone interested in upgrading their account. In today’s video I discuss the advantages to joining the Partner Program and how to do so.

YouTube Partner Program: Advantages and How To Get Started

There are so many reasons to upgrade to the Partner Program if you’re going to be sharing video content there. Regardless of the fact that YouTube makes money on your content, they’re giving you many opportunities to stand out and grow your audience so it will pay off for you as well.


It takes a lot of views to make decent money with your YouTube content, but the opportunity is open to all users who upgrade to the Partner Program. As you grow you’ll make a little more and your Google Adsense account will help you get paid directly to your bank account. Yes, YouTube is making money from your content so make sure you’re only monetizing completely original content or you will get into copyright trouble with your account.

Custom Thumbnails

This is one of my favorite features (mostly because I make so many funny expressions throughout my videos that you never know what you’re going to get when you can’t control the screengrabs). Custom thumbs give you the opportunity to make your video appear exactly as you like when it shows up in subscription boxes and when embeded. Use it to have that extra call to action and get more views. Again, here’s how I make mine.

More Exposure

Because you’re offering YouTube the opportunity to make money on your content, they obviously want your stuff to show up first in search. So get a little extra exposure for your videos when you become a partner.

Live Shows

There are some partner channel that can go live from YouTube. This is something that was already few and far between and it hasn’t really rolled out further because all other partners can align a Google Plus account with their YouTube channel and do live hangouts on air. This gives you the chance to do a live show that will stream automatically on your YouTube channel and show up in subscription boxes as well.

Outside Linking Annotations

For a long time you could only use annotations to just make notes to your audience or link to other pages on YouTube. With the Partner Program you can link your account with a designated home site, fundraising site or merchandise site so viewers can click a link that is directly on the video to whatever call to action you would like on those sites.

Are you using the YouTube Partner Program?