To Vlog or Not To Vlog (Is That Even a Question?!) [VIDEO]

I think we all know how this is gonna go.

This week for Social Thursday I’m responding to a viewer question about getting started with vlogging for her blog presence. Lisa wanted to know:

I would like to do videos that correspond with my blog. But, I do not know if I should do both at the same time. Should I just start the blog and then if all goes well add video later?

To Vlog or Not To Vlog

I know the planners in all of us try to outline this process to launch our brands and when would be the best way to bring in different mediums. Especially such a daunting one as video seems to be.

To give you an example, Savvy Sexy Social was a blog with video from the start. As a matter of fact, video was a part of the marketing strategy because by hosting that content on YouTube, we opened ourselves up to grow faster by having videos found on that social network even if viewers had never seen the website. That is still a viable way to grow an audience. There are lots of blog that started as copy and added video later, like Lisa suggested. And there are blog that were just videos on YouTube that grew into a website.

The better question to ask instead of when to start incorporating it, is to think why are you going to be incorporating it. If you’re like Savvy Sexy Social and the bulk of your delivery is through video, then you should probably use it sooner than later. If you’re just using it complement your existing content with smaller video opportunities, it can happen at any time in any schedule. Think how is this going to happen instead of when.

How do you see your brand using video?