Tools for Staying Productive When Life Happens [VIDEO]

So I missed a Savvy Tuesday episode this week. {Insert tears here.}

Unfortunately we had a family emergency that took a little longer than I anticipated and therefore I was behind on my editorial calendar. {Excuses end here.}

So today I wanted to share some helpful tools I used while away from the office to stay productive in the rest of my work load. Because leaving town for conferences, staying with family when someone’s in the hospital, traveling for clients, and LIFE IN GENERAL happens. Might as well be prepared to execute when you have those small windows of time in the midst of the madness.

Tools for Staying Productive When Life Happens

Freshbooks — Thank you to my amazing accountant Nathan Kloster for looking at me sideways when I brought him my infinite spreadsheets of tax information this year and recommending I join Freshbooks. I had tried this accounting software before but I don’t think I was in a place to use it to its greatest abilities and really appreciate it. As soon as I checked it out a second time I was hooked. All my expenses, invoices, all that crap is so easily handled now. I can focus on my work and not trying to find a copy of the last invoice I sent to maintain consistency. But the reason I bring it up here is because of the built in time tracker. Even if you don’t bill hourly for any clients, this is a great thing to have included in your accounting software so you can track how much time projects are taking you. And when you’re out of the office and need something to help you track the productivity you’re accomplishing while away, this is perfect. The tracker is even built in to their smartphone app! So brilliant.

To Do Lists — Duh. I mean this is just common sense, but if you have a to do list in your office, you better follow it if you’re not there. I like pen and paper sometimes, but keeping all my tasks in a project manager has proved really helpful to look back over time at what I’ve done. I like and Asana for project management. Get your tasks on the list and prioritize so you’re attacking what’s most important during those short periods of time you need to get things done.

Focusbooster — This little guy will make sure you’re being as productive as possible without overdoing it or going crazy. Important things to avoid when you’re out of the office and have other things going on that are already taking you away from work. Focusbooster is a desktop app that works on the basis that you’re most productive when you were for 25 minutes and then take a 5 minutes break. Then come back again. Use this timer so you can test that theory for your work and get stuff done more efficiently.

How do you stay focused when life happens?