It’s time for a #Hashtag Refresh [VIDEO]

Per the request of a viewer, this Social Thursday is all about hashtags. What they are and what they’re good for. I’ll be covering everything for how to use them to market your business and Twitter presence to how you might see them used as nothing more than a good laugh.

It’s time for a #Hashtag Refresh

Twitter is the lovely social network that made hashtags “a thing”, if you will. The pound sign attached to words and phrases helps to curate a similar conversation to one place. Making search around that topic even easier to accomplish with targeted results. It’s great for your Twitter account to grow in the viral sense because when you use a hashtag, not only are your followers going to see your tweet, but those searching the hashtag activity as well.

Hashtags are very useful, even when their main purpose is completely disregarded upon use. Many users (including myself) use hashtags to make a joke with. Usually by clarifying sarcasm. (Because we all know how difficult it can be to read sarcasm in a tweet. That’s not sarcasm. It really is hard to understand sarcastic tendencies when you’re just ready words on paper.) You can see an example of how I’ve done this below:

There’s really no additional benefit for using the hashtag when it’s just a joke, but it’s something that’s caught on as a trend so people do it all the time. And this is also a reason why you’ll see hashtasg on Facebook. Facebook doesn’t use hashtag technology in the least, but people will still use them there as a joke because it’s a popular thing across networks and not just Twitter where they were made to be used. Weird. I know.

Twitter isn’t the only network using hashtag technology for search though. Instagram is another network that uses hashtags and quite successfully. A lot of big presences on Instagram have been built from hashtag usage… such as cute dogs, food porn, etc. Google Plus and Pheed also use hashtags to curate search options.

You’ve probably also heard me talk about Twitter chats as well, which are possible because of hashtags. These are scheduled times to gather with a group of Twitter users around a hashtag to talk about that topic. For instance, #vlogchat on Tuesdays at 4pm Eastern (Mark your calendars and come join us!) This is a great opportunity to really network with people around a niche area that can help your business because when everyone is meeting at the same time, it’s like a virtual networking event.

Start looking into hashtags that are both Twitter chats and keywords what you should be networking in so you can send your tweets out to a more targeted group of people, aside from you own followers. This will help your network grow by sharing your knowledge of your industry.