How to Grow Your Network Faster [VIDEO]

Growing your business and making more money is heavily dependent on growing your network. The more people who know what you do, the more likely someone’s going to be recommended to you. On this week’s Savvy Tuesday, I wanted to share my tips for helping you grow your network faster and more effectively, rather than waiting for your next professional mixer.

How to Grow Your Network Faster

1) Don’t throw away those business cards! Use them!

When you exchange business cards with someone it should be because you actually anticipate doing business together. So why would you let those lovely little tokens go to waste when they might be valuable dollars of your future? Always keep your contacts in a system you can work with (whether electronic or otherwise) and dig into it so you’re regularly connecting with your network.

2) Keep a separate list of the people you’ve met on your social networks

It’s important to make more personal connections with your network but a great way to keep the conversation going and stay updated on what they care about and who they’re talking to is through social media. Definitely pay attention to that list to see if there are new people to meet or opportunities to help your community.

3) Email people you wish knew who you were EVERY DAY!

The best way to get on someone’s radar is to get yourself in front of them asap! I’m taking this tip from my good friend Matthew Kimberley (that guy knows what he’s talking about, by the way). He says to send an email to someone new every day that you wish knew who you were so you can open the communication channels and make it happen. Love it. I’ve definitely met many people this way and it speaks volumes when you take that initiative rather than just retweet them all the time. Be personable!

How are you growing your network?