Early Blogging Stages: How I Stayed Motivated [VIDEO]

Oh the joys of starting a blog. You get your design ready. You know what you want to write about. And you plug away at your little network! So fun right?!

And then weeks go by. Months. Years? And you’re still not seeing the grand audiences that your blogger idols have the pleasure of greeting every day. So how do you stay motivated and know it’s all going to be worth it?

Darrell White submitted a video response with this very question, so I thought it would be appropriate to answer in this week’s Savvy Tuesday.

Early Blogging Motivation:

First of all, you shouldn’t start a blog and think it’s going to be an instant success. You need time to win the trust of an audience. You even need time to make sure you know what you’re writing about and who that audience is that works for you. There are a lot of growing pains with your own network and all those things contribute to the time it takes to grow.

But I wasn’t really in a position to give up after a hard couple of months with low results. I need to teach people how to take advantage of content marketing and the best way I can do that is to learn for myself and test the strategies that do and don’t work. These are the experiences I could create for myself to get further educated of what I wanted to do for my clients.

But no blogger will succeed without one thing you always need to keep in mind. Your “why”. It doesn’t matter what the answer is to that question. It only matters that it’s driving you to work hard and keep at what your doing to the best of your abilities. If it’s a good enough reason, you don’t need to know why I stayed motivated because you’ll be too busy being motivated yourself.

What’s your why that keeps you blogging, even when it’s tough?