21 Content Curation Ideas to Build Relationships and Increase Traffic

content curation ideas quiltA creative way to come up with new content for your blog that is resourceful for your audience and great for building relationships with people in your industry is to curate content.

Not only are these types of blog posts the most loved, shared and bookmarked (hello traffic!), but they can be much quicker for you to create (or at least feel like it) so getting ahead on your editorial calendar will not feel like so much of a burden.

Here are 25 content curation ideas:

(Take notes as you read and see if you can come up with a blog topic for every idea!)

  1. Share your top 3 videos of the week. Great for pointing out resourceful multimedia without having to make it yourself. Visitors who watch will be on your site longer and might poke around a little more. I do this with posts like Vlogs To Watch.
  2. Post a quote of the day from industry leaders. Everyone likes to get motivated so be the messenger.
  3. Favorite the best Twitter activity and embed them in a blog post for visually pleasing text! The technology allows you to interact with the tweets as though you’re reading them from Twitter itself. I like the way Poshbrood.com does this with their favorite weekly tweets at the end of every Fab Friday. (Disclaimer: Poshbrood and this site are both clients of Vlog Boss Studios.)
  4. Do a search and make a resource list. This is an easy way to help your audience with a particular subject without making them do the search work.
  5. Check out Slideshare and search for presentations you can embed it on your site and provide your commentary.
  6. Do a blog roll post. A lot of blogs like to have a blog roll in their sidebar of blogs they love and are happy to help promote. So do one in a blog post and point your audience out to the sites you look to for guidance.
  7. Share your top 10 blog posts from the month or year. Maybe it’s based on traffic or just your favorites? Maybe both.
  8. Make a top 10 list of industry leaders who are doing it right. Link to their websites or social networks so your audience can see the proof for themselves.
  9. Make a list of tools you can’t live without. People love to know if there’s something that can make their life a little easier and they trust you already to let them in on it. I did this. Twice.
  10. Do a roundup post at the end of every week for people who want to know if they missed any of your new activity. Remember some readers might only have time to check our your content on the weekend. So make it even easier for them.
  11. Share a top news stories post by curating the links you found interesting in a blog post. Silicon Alley Insider does this every morning.
  12. Make a list of industry events you’ve attended or plan to. If you’re a speaker, your audience will definitely want in on this.
  13. Speaking of speaking, there are so many videos of great speeches given. Check out YouTube accounts like TedX for some really motivating content.
  14. Make a list of up-and-coming rockstars in your industry. They’re likely already on your radar and if you share their social links and website, they are going to really appreciate it.
  15. Keep a look out for great infographics. These multimedia resources are gorgeous ways to provide information about your niche. I’ve been a bit infographic happy lately.
  16. Do a little research and give a list of facts. This is a great way to give some link love and add ClickToTweet links so the facts can be shared individually, helping to promote your post.
  17. Share your favorite industry books. This is popular for monetizing your site as well as you can link to the books through Amazon affiliate links.
  18. Not just regular books, ebooks too. Make a list of free ebooks available for download and the links where they can be found. (Make sure you provide information on what the blogger is asking for in return… like an email address.)
  19. Show examples with screenshots of webpages. Great way to show off your favorite websites besides just linking to them.
  20. Share a list of expert tips. Send emails to experts in a particular topic and then quote their advice in your post before linking to their site. Tweetable and great way to win over the expert… by calling them one!
  21. Make list (or a calendar) of important dates to remember in your industry. Not only a good way to get holidays and celebrations on your radar for future content, but your audience as well!

How many blog posts did you come up with?


photo credit: Cut To Pieces via photopin cc