5 Ways to Market Your Business on Instagram [VIDEO]

You gotta keep it fun when you join Instagram (that is if you didn’t bail on them already). Especially if you want people on the network to dig your business. They don’t take too kindly to the salesy type. So on today’s Social Thursday we’re talking about some fun and, more importantly, acceptable ways to market your business on Instagram.

5 Ways to Market Your Business on Instagram:

  1. If you’re selling a product, definitely show off the process of how it’s coming to life. Take a picture of the behind-the-scenes development that customers wouldn’t otherwise know about or see. This is a great way to make them feel more connected to yoru brand and the product, making them think more about buying.
  2. Always take the opportunity to show off a happy customer. Maybe they’re happy to jump in front of the camera for you, or you just snapped a pictured of their thankful online review. Testimonials are fun for your audience when it’s less of you talking about yourself and more proof that you’re making people happy.
  3. Give some love to the faces of those who are helping to make you a success! Whether it’s your employees or partners you’re working with for certain projects. An audience loves to see the people who are coming up with great ideas so show them off!
  4. If your work takes you out and about, either in your city or far far away, post pictures of the scenery as you’re experiencing it. Many people love the idea of travel, especially when it’s your work that present the opportunity. Let them live vicariously through you!
  5. And if you want any of these ideas and your photos to work in promoting your brand, you should definitely be engaging with hashtags on Instagram. There is so much opportunity to join conversations that are already happening so you can show you have something to share as well and open yourself up to a whole new group of people who could be interested in following and joining your audience. Look into what’s hot and in line with your content and join in!

Oh and P.S. Don’t forget to install the official Instagram badge on your site so visitors will know they can follow you there. I’ve provided instruction in this video if you need help.

How are you pimping your brand on Instagram? Or how could you see it happening?