5 Reasons Why Working at Home Sucks (and Ways to Improve the Lifestyle) [VIDEO]

Lemme tell ya. Working at home is not all all it was cracked up to be back when I used to dream about it. In the obvious ways, it’s nice right? Flexibility. Convenience. No traffic. Close to your own kitchen. All those things. But when it comes to being a new CEO it’s just not cutting it for my business.

So for Sexy Wednesday I thought we’d talk about all the ways working at home sucks for those of you who are not yet aware. And for those of you who are, I have some advice for how you can improve the lifestyle and get sh*t done.

5 Reasons Why Working at Home Sucks:

  1. First difficulty of working at home is the fact that there are too many distractions. It’s so convenient to be there and be able to take care of work and home duties, but one is always going to be pulling you away from the other. And the home duties can seem awfully appealing when you have an intimidating work load to get to.
  2. Not having an off site office also means you have less places you need to be. I call this a lack of location accountability. Dragging your feet from bed every morning across the hall to your home office is not the same as going through the routine to look suitable enough to leave the house and arrive at another destination. Just too easy. (And yet, very timely.)
  3. One of the worst parts is that I never come down from a work day. There is no “clock in / clock out” mindset that happens. Ever. I’m constantly thinking about work and that makes me continue to do it all the way until bedtime, which is not great for my productivity because I could be getting things done faster if I knew my work day was going to end at a reasonable hour.
  4. Sometimes people are a major distraction of getting things done in the office, but that in-person camaraderie and creative interaction is something I miss quite a bit sometimes. Don’t get me wrong. I love to hide in my office, but a casual chat now and then is great for staying sane. (I talk to a camera, computer, and beagle all day long. Can you blame me?)
  5. One of my biggest struggles has been realizing how commuting to and working in an office does for a body’s regular activity level and metabolism. The last couple year a few pounds have snuck up on me and I didn’t understand why because I go to the gym frequently. But I’m not burning as may calories as I used to because I don’t have to leave my house every day. Lots of sitting happening.

How to Improve the Work At Home Lifestyle:

  • Schedule as much of your day as humanly possible. The more appointments you make for yourself to stay focused the more likely you’ll be productive and not think about the distractions of home. Definitely schedule time to “clock out” and get away from work for a bit. It’s one thing to be a work-a-holic. It’s another to assume you can get to something later because you’re always in the office. That’s called procrastination.
  • Leave the house! Maybe it doesn’t make sense to have the overhead of another office, but there are plenty of other options like a coffee shop, park, library, co-working space, etc. that are great for having in-person interaction and giving yourself the mindset that you’re going there to get focused and power through your priorities.
  • Consider where you desk is in your house. Is it in a place where you frequent on weekends and evenings? Hopefully it’s not your dining room table. Getting your work space to an area of the house that helps you change your mindset when you enter it will help you make the differentiation between “work” and “home”. Thank goodness I dont’ have any reason to go into our guest room except for work, so I have that going for me. (Sorry this tip didn’t make it to the video… audio was too bad so I had to cut it!)
  • Back to that schedule of yours… make time to get moving! I always work out at the same time every day because I know that’s a good habit to be in and make it easier for me to schedule the rest of my day because I know when I can work that in. But it’s also important to schedule times to step away from your desk, even if just for a quick walk around the block. I use a pedometer to help me reach movement goals throughout the day. Makes it so much easier to keep track.

Do you work from home? What is your biggest struggle and piece of advice?