Doing It All

schmittastic fortune cookieThose of us bootstrapping for our business know what it’s like to be in charge of doing it all.

You’re the creative. You’re the design. You’re the employee. You’re the boss. You’re the accounting. You’re the maintenance guy. You’re the only one.

I sometimes worry what it would be like to have an employee in my future. As my business grows and I’m planning on a need for more help, I start to think and I don’t know if I’d be a good manager. Just because I started a business doesn’t mean I know how to properly manage a staff. From what I’ve learned with interns in the last couple years, I micro-manage way too much. Something I despised about my old boss. Who I left. To start a company. Oh Amy…

There are so many stressful things you have to go through as a small business, especially learning when to outsource. Analyzing whether something you need is something you can do yourself or if it would be money best spent on a specialist who can streamline the process. I absolutely advocate for giving the work you’re not familiar with to someone else, but on the other hand entrepreneurialism is making us quite the Jack of All Trades as they say.

I even outsourced something I knew I could do. Because I wanted someone to do it better. Funny thing is I’ve taught myself so well with other similar projects, it turned out I had to start the project over after paying for it and do it mostly myself. I just wasn’t satisfied with the original result.

And I’m not going to settle. Because I’m the creative. I’m the design. I’m the everything.

It’s all on me.

What’s your take on doing it all? Do you feel you’re depending more on outsourcing, a staff, or the self-taught process? Thoughts please…