10 New Years Resolutions for a More Social Business

10 new years resolutions for a more social businessI absolutely love new years. There’s nothing like a worldwide acceptance of a fresh start. Really refreshing. As you get your resolutions ironed out to celebrate tonight at midnight, you might think about adding a more socially savvy business to that list. Here are my 10 new years resolutions for a more social business:

1. My business will have an active and effective content marketing strategy (Tweet this!)

Content creation is one of the best things you can do to grow awareness of your brand online. If you’re not blogging or maybe you’ve got a platform but it’s not attracting the attention you were hoping for, read up on some blogging strategy that will start moving your presence in the forward direction needed. Maybe it’s learning how to be a better writer. Or how often you should be publishing new content. You could also find out how to fill that editorial calendar so you’re not scrambling at the last minute. (Bonus: If you are reading this before January 3rd, 2013, sign up for my New Year New Blog FREE webinar! 10 Things for a Successful 2013. That will definitely help your content strategy as well.)

2. My business will not send its tweets to Facebook, or vice versa (Tweet this!)

If you think it’s effective to take the easy way out, you’re probably doing a lot of other things wrong too. Facebook is a different platform than Twitter. Twitter isn’t the same as Linkedin. You may have the ability to send one update to many places, but that doesn’t make it right. You have to respect the way different platforms operate and the audiences that choose to follow you wherever they like. Facebook is all about images. Twitter is all about the quick tips. Tailor your content for the type of platforms you’re using and I promise you’ll get better feedback. (P.S. You do know that whenever you send your tweets to Facebook, Facebook pushes it down the newsfeed right? Facebook no likey third party updates.)

3. My business will have a social media policy in place so the voice and actions are consistent (Tweet this!)

Whether you have more than one person behind the wheel of your social accounts or it’s just you, it always a good idea to have a policy in place so you stay consistent with the way things are handled for your brand. Put it in writing and you’re more likely to have less mistakes and miscommunications.

4. My business will take advantage of email marketing (Tweet this!)

If you’re not collecting emails on your website from visitors then you are losing money. Period. Have an opt-in form on your site and start connecting with your audience with the #1 way to communicate digitally (yes it is #1… Facebook still can’t compete with the loyalty that email has to offer).

5. My business will take advantage of multimedia for more personal connections (Tweet this!)

Hi my name is Amy and I’m a vlog boss. That’s right. I make videos. Not because I have a big budget, fancy equipment, or anything else you’re envisioning a video blogger must have. It’s because it’s the best way to make a personal connection with my audience and it’s TOTALLY ACCESSIBLE. Don’t be in denial about making video for your brand because 80% of marketers are budgeting for it in 2013 so it needs to be on your radar too. If you have a phone, you can do it. If you have a computer, you can do it. If you have a brain, you can do it. You don’t even have to have an amazing personality like yours truly ;). There are so many options that will help your brand grow awareness, leaps and bounds from where it is now. Take advantage of video. This should be at the top of your resolution list!

6. My business will follow the 80/20 Rule (Tweet this!)

If you look at successful brands on Twitter and Facebook, you’ll notice that their sales efforts are few and further between from engagement. If you want to be the Twitter account that people see is nothing but “Buy my product” links and no replies, retweets, or just genuinely good and free information then your bottom line will not benefit from time spent on social media. Follow the 80/20 Rule: 80% of the time should be fun and interesting content or conversations and 20% sales efforts.

7. My business will not send canned emails for blogger outreach campaigning (Tweet this!)

If you think copy pasting an email you’re sending to many different bloggers is the best way to effectively reach others’ community to help promote your brand, you’re cray cray. Blogger outreach is a very important skill to have and it includes being a human being. Check their blog. Read their content. Relate to them in an email and tell them why you’re reaching out and how it matters to them. If you can master the Art of Blogger Outreach, you can quickly grow awareness of your brand.

8. My business will build relationships, not numbers (Tweet this!)

Stop comparing how many followers you have to your competitors and start understanding why they’re kicking your ass. It’s the relationships that matter. They build brand ambassadors who grow your business FOR YOU. Now doesn’t that sounds nice?

9. My business will have a fun and engaging brand personality (Tweet this!)

You can’t be all business all the time (see #6). As a part of your social media policy, figure out what your brand personality is. How are you going to present yourself when it comes to sharing content that gains attention and make following you a fun and interesting relationship? Tune into this video if you want more help with brand personality and show the world how fun your business can actually be.

10. My business will not suck at being social (Tweet this!)

If you know how to be social in person, then you know how to be social online. It just means forgetting about the soapbox that you think you have in front of you and treating it like a great party. You’re invited. So show yourself off and make people love you. If they leave because you ain’t no fun, it’s not gonna be much of a party when you’re all alone yourself.

Don’t suck at social in 2013! How will you improve?



photo credit: nImAdestiny via photopin cc