5 Minutes to Higher SEO for YouTube Videos [VIDEO]

YouTube video is a fantastic way to diversify your content and get in front of a larger audience (we’re seeing many industries pick up this trend in digital marketing.) But the downside is that when your platform isn’t text, it’s hard to have good rank in search unless you take the necessary additional steps to higher SEO for YouTube videos.

In addition to perfecting your headline, description, and keywords, there’s another great thing you can do to greatly improve the search power of your videos. Just 5 additional minutes to many more views.

No search engine expertise required. You can get more eyes on your video by taking advantage of YouTube’s caption feature where you can upload a transcript of your video. When you type out the script for your video, you’ve given technology a whole new way of learning what your video is about so that it can be properly categorized for the relevancy of its content.

Most word processing programs will allow you to save a .txt file which is the format YouTube needs, but it’s not more complicated than that! Just go to the ‘Caption’ setting in your video’s editing section on YouTube and you’ll find a place to upload the script.

Are you optimizing your videos for greater visibility?