WordPress Web Hosting: Why It’s So Popular and What You Can Expect

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Wordpress logoIs WordPress the best content management system/blog hosting site currently available?

It seems like everyone is talking about this multi-awarded site and that reason, may have added to what catapulted WordPress from a blogger platform site to CMS superstardom. Its popularity is claiming 36% of the market share against other popular CMS heavyweights such as Blogsmith, Drupal and Gawker; WordPress is still eating its way against the competition as we speak. From the looks of it, it does makes sense why CNN,  Mashable and the New York Times are all using this widely used web hosting site. The simplicity and ease of use, ekes out from its users. The flexibility of its widgets down to content managing, everything is user friendly. Let’s find out why WordPress is the best web-hosting platform and what you can expect from it.

Easy Installation

Setting up WordPress is very easy. A one-click installer with no fuss and the process is just as simple as submitting the form and everything will be flying.

Open Source

This implies that the source code can be distributed freely or can be reviewed by anyone. That means the WordPress platform as an open source package, communities of graphic designers, computer programmers and regular supporters help out each other by putting out software functionalities for the betterment of everyone.

Content Managing

Lots of people pick WordPress as their favorite content management system for the reason that they need to add fresh material to their site or weblog regularly. It is great for putting in new content instantly and painlessly. Uploading any article or image is easy and practical, while embedding a video is very straightforward. Apart from this, the content added is published right away; this is yet another advantage of using WordPress.

Plug-ins and Themes Galore

Just like setting up WordPress itself, installing plugins and widgets couldn’t be much easier. All one needs to do is to upload the WordPress plugin to its proper place, and then enable it through the control panel. You can drag and drop the widgets easily. As for the themes, the templates are laid out clearly and it is easy to mix and match since they are all modular and organized. There are a plenty of templates to choose from and that is the single key advantage WordPress has against the competition from a technology perception. Many businesses have stylized their sites with these dynamic themes and plug-ins and have garnered a lot of visitors because of it.

Speed Optimization

The pace at which a site loads is essential for SEO. Visitors hate slow functioning sites, you can lose a great deal of traffic as a result. In addition, Google now penalizes websites for it. WordPress has the potential to get your site loaded quickly. The principal trick here is to load in W3 Total Cache. This plug-in will aid you and your readers in pacing the loading time.

The Community

None of the points I’ve talked about so far would likely exist without the amazing WordPress community. They’re the individuals who assist you whenever you are stuck. They also create the free themes and plug-ins you employ on your site. The help and support from a wide following is what makes WordPress so popular.

The popularity of any CMS medium may be assessed not just by the amount of domains it has, the community surrounding it can also be measured by it as well. This is where WordPress truly shines and has yet to be supplanted. WordPress enjoys a sizeable community that is to be envied by any upcoming contender.


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