5 Apps For a Business On the Go

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It’s all go go go for businesses these days. The smaller your business the more important it is for you to advantage of every time saving device at your disposal. That’s where modern technology comes in very handy. The android and app stores have loads of great options for those seeking to stay productive. Check out these 5 app for a business on the go:

1. Quickoffice Pro

For those who love Microsoft Office, the idea of using Apple’s equivalent fills us with dread. But this little beauty of an app enables you to use most of Microsoft Office’s most popular programs like Excel, Word and PowerPoint on your mobile device. So now whenever you have to type a document or edit a pitch on PowerPoint up on the way to the meeting, you can with Quick Office.

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2. Quick Sale

This is definitely an app for the businesses at the smaller end of the scale. It lets you manage invoices and payroll straight from your device to make sure your employees aren’t left out of pocket while you’re out of the office. This is an especially useful app if you run a small retail business because it allows you to track your shipments straight as well. This app is only available for the Apple iPad.

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3. Business Card Reader

It is a very simple concept really. Once you receive someone’s business card at an event you can scan it via the app. The phone will save the image whilst transferring the details on the card into your contact list. It also has inbuilt LinkedIn capability and it can translate up to 15 different languages so at international events you won’t be caught out.

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4. LinkedIn

Linkedin, as you probably know, is a network for professionals to connect with colleagues, clients and industry acquaintances. I’ve heard described as a digital CV which is a fairly accurate description. The app does everything you’d expect it to really. Keeps you informed of any updates, invitations as well as allowing you to edit your profile/CV. Download this app to make networking connections quickly and easily from your mobile device.

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5. Headquarters

This list wouldn’t be complete without at least one CRM app. Headquarters is based on the more traditional CRM tool, Basecamp, which is used in many small businesses. The app enables the user to manage to-do lists, calendars, projects and milestones straight from your device. If you want to keep in touch with your company or projects when not in the office, this is a great way to do so without bugging colleagues with constant phone calls. Although there is a free option I’d definitely recommend upgrading to the pro version. Not available for Android.

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What apps are you using when you’re out of the office to keep things running?

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photo credit: tokyoform via photopin cc