Video Content Marketing Increasing In Retail [VIDEO]

With the huge presence of fashion bloggers influencing the less trendy audiences of the Internet, retailers are realizing their content marketing potential, especially through video. recently shared some of the latest video content strategy to come out of Bloomingdale’s, the luxury department store. They are teaming up with online video distributor Touchstorm to increase the views on their already branded editorial content, touching more consumers.

Sean Womach, senior vice president of marketing and production for Touchstorm shares his ideas in the article:

Nothing can hook you and pull you in like video. Hearing from people, seeing the product worn and moving, seeing how to put together a look — all of this engages an audience emotionally and builds a relationship with the brand.

The great part about this campaign is something that a lot of content producers forget. You can make as much content as you want. One after the other after the other. But good marketing is finding new ways to get attention on these projects. Especially video content, which takes a little more time, effort, and money to create than an average blog post. Videos don’t just go viral. You can’t plan for it. But if you have a strategy to get it into the hands of the people who can accelerate views and the virality factor, you can get a much better return than just trying to share it on your own.

Final thoughts from Sean:

Posting video online, especially information or trend-rich videos, gives an audience an opportunity to be in-the-know and gives them an asset which they can share with others.

How can you activate your network to be your own online video distributors?