5 Ways To Be Productive When The Lights Go Out

Haha. Laughable. If there’s any perk to getting through a natural disaster and not having power, it’s doing a whole lot of nothing, right? I hear ya. But it’s the entrepreneur in me, so hear me out.

It’s on of those things like being on an airplane when you know you’re not going to have the Internet. I like planning those times for doing what I usually put off while I’m getting sucked in on Twitter. You know. The stuff I don’t really need to be connected for. Here are 10 of those things that will not only be fulfilling during what would be a less than enjoyable time, but also get you ahead of the game for when the power comes back on and you’re lost in social feeds again.

1. Read A Book

If your kindle died, then break open one of those hardback books you got at that conference and haven’t cracked open yet. You’ll actually learn you missed the small of published paper. And of course, learn a thing or two. When the power comes back on, you might just have a review to write.

2. Plan Your Editorial Calendar

When it’s time to start pluggin’ away at content again, be prepared with some new ideas for your editorial calendar. Makes getting back into the swing of things a lot easier.

3. Write Some Hello Notes

Nothing says personal like a handwritten note sent via snail mail. Something that not many of us still do that, in turn, has become an extremely thoughtful gesture. Maybe you have some ‘thank yous’ you’ve been meaning to get to or just a nice hello. Build some relationships with your network by writing some of those notes to mail out.

4. Spend Quality Time With Yourself, Paper, and Pen

When you sit down and just start writing, you’ll be surprised at what you come up with and the new ideas that surface. Doodle. Write randomly. Make an idea cloud. Whatever. Just put pen to paper to iron out some of those thoughts you’ve got bouncing around.

5. Switch Off Entirely

For some, this is the most productive thing you can do for yourself because you bury yourself in work, creativity, and productivity so much. When you don’t have consistent breaks to recharge, it can ultimately take to backwards and make you work harder and not as smart as you should.

What’s your plan if the power goes out on you?


photo credit: spcbrass via photopin cc