How to Create More Brand Advocates [VIDEO]

What does it take to make real brand advocates? A pure, exciting connection. I know I talk a lot about how to take someone who had a negative experience with your company and turn them in to someone really pleased and impressed so that they will change their tune to all their friends. But what about those people who already like you and haven’t had a chance to shine yet?

You know, the ones following you on Twitter. Silently reading with nothing quite inspiring to make them act for your benefit. Or maybe they’re your fan on Facebook but you haven’t caught their attention with anything compelling just yet. How can we find out what makes these people tick so they will respond to your calculated messages?

First of all, what gets them excited. It’s not your coupon or a way to spend money. Maybe that excites them, but that’s a decision they will make on their own. What conversation can you start that just brings pure emotion to the table. Whether it’s humor, heartfelt or something more specific for your industry. Plan your content to stir those kinds on thoughts and make people want to click the “like” button.

Can you give your network the inside scoop? Something they wouldn’t usually see that would intrigue them to want to learn more about you and your industry? You’ll notice that successful brands on Instagram do a great job of this. An exclusive viewpoint and a great story. That’s the way to win with multimedia.

Continuing to ask people to buy your product or reserve their spot on the platform that are just meant for social interaction is not going to help you. I know that sucks, but Twitter is not your soapbox. It’s even worse if you treat it that way. A quiet Twitter is a miserable Twitter. Let the buying process happen because your customers made the decision (you’re of course promoting your products on the blog and email newsletter, so it’s not like you’re abandoning the idea entirely). When someone buy’s something, equip them with the functionality they need to advocate to their communities that they are super excited about the item they just bought. ‘Click to tweet’ and ‘Share with your Facebook friends’ are great ways to drive this.

You know what else people love? Easy questions. They’re great for you because they break down the barrier of the initial contact with your brand that gets people comfortable to do it again in the future, and it helps you do some research of the people who are a part of your audience.

How do you drive brand advocacy for your business? Share in the comments!


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