Top 5 Apps For A Healthier Entrepreneur

The last few weeks have been absolutely crazy for my business, making it much harder for me to get to my favorite spin class. I usually always keep that time available on my schedule so I can make it, but there are just going to be those priorities in your business that are going to get in the way but keep the money coming in. This is when I’m so thankful for technology.

I know if I have tools that motivate me, staying healthy and continuing to move is easier to accomplish and track, making me feel less bad about missing a spin class every once in awhile. Here are my 5 favorite apps to keep me a healthier entrepreneur:

1. Lose It!

I’m in this app every day tracking my daily meals, exercise, and weight loss. It makes it so easy to log everything and memorizes your previous foods so it’s simple to add something you eat often instead of scanning the barcode each and every time. It does a great job of adjusting nutritional information depending on your serving size (other apps I’ve used made me do things a lot more manually) and setting a goal weight with the complimentary daily caloric intake to get you there is really simple as well. I count on this app big time to keep me in line.


2. Situps 0 to 200

I’ve used another 200 situps app before and it did the job in terms of telling me how many I needed to do and timing me between for a good rest period, but this app takes it to another level. The user interface is gorgeous and they really emphasize stretching before and after (something I’ve never been a rockstar at when I work out on my own.) They even send you to the YouTube app to pull up their favorite stretch video (by Jillian Michaels) so you get that in properly. The app designs a plan to get you to 200 situps in 10 weeks by following their routine 3 times a week in less than 20 minutes each time. Absolutely great way to get your blood pumping in the office. Get your situps in and download this app.


3. Starbucks

Ah coffee. Something a lot of us depend on to get through our day (and/or life.) But you can’t always get those venti lattes and think it’s not going to affect your diet. A lot of your favorite fancy drinks are loaded with sugar (which is making us SO EFFING FAT! Shame on you, sugar.) I love the Starbucks app because not only can I pay for my drinks with it and earn points, I can look up what I want to order and know exactly what I’m getting into when it comes to their nutritional value. Do not buy another coffee without this app! Your mid section will thank you for it.


4. Find Me Gluten Free

Okay I’m not a gluten free eater. Trust me. So don’t expect a lecture here in that regard. But I do have this app because it’s incredibly useful, especially when you’re traveling and you’re trying to stay smart with your meals. This app helps you find restaurants and their menu items that are gluten-free near your geographical location. I figure, if a restaurant has a gluten-free option on their menu, they’re probably friendly to the health conscious and will have more guilt-free options to choose from than the pizza place you’re trying to avoid that would be WAY too easy. If you can’t be gluten free, it doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of the knowledge!


5. 200 Squats

Squats. Best thing ever. This app is similar to the situps app as it has a regimen that will get you to 200 situps in a set period of time. Just open up this app 3 times a week and get in your quota so you can get the blood pumpin’, the booty roundin’, and an energy level that will be able to do 200 squats in one sitting in no time!





What are your fave apps to keep you healthy?