When To Say No

When you know you won’t be able to give it 100%.

When you don’t have time to give, and not because you’ll miss your favorite sitcom.

When it turns your passion turns into something negative and might affect how you treat the rest of your work.

When you’ll be overextending yourself and may falter in the commitments you’ve already made.

When you get the feeling something isn’t going to work out, even if you’re turning down the money before you get started.

When your job description is unclear to whomever agreed to something specific.

When you know someone who would be much better for the job and are happy to pass it off.

When you need to focus.

When you’ve scheduled a well-deserved day off to do whatever you need for yourself.

When you schedule time to work so you stay productive.

When it’s Friday and you just want to sleep in. 🙂

When do you say no?