5 Ways to Find Your Audience on Twitter

audience creative commonsYou’ll often hear me say that Twitter is one of the best platforms to help you organically grow your community. With so much conversation happening, it’s hard not to see the possibilities. But it may not be as easy to see how to actually find the people who might make up your brand’s community.

If you want to find your audience on Twitter, you need to stay targeted and be social. There are a lot of ways for you to do that, but I’ve found these techniques to be the most effective:

Find Your Audience on Twitter:

1. Twitter Search For Thought Leaders’ Blog Posts

As I follow thought leaders in my industry, I’ll often use Twitter Search to see who else is sharing their blog posts. It’s great because once you finish reading an interesting article, you can copy/paste the article URL in search to see who else tweeted it, and then start up a conversation with them about it and see how your thoughts compare. As long as you choose your posts wisely and focus on ones that might be attracting a similar audience that you’re looking for, and then follow up with conversation that’s strictly conversational and not promotional, it will likely be time very well spent recruiting a new audience member.

2. Research Hashtag Conversations To Join

Hashtags are by far the best way to grow awareness of your Twitter account, reaching people outside your following. But if you pick the wrong conversations, you’re likely wasting some time. In my case, it’s a great idea for me to follow #blogchat or #prchat and other conversations in my industry so that I can continue to stay on my game and on-the-pulse of changes. But that’s not directly growing my audience. I should also be looking for the same industry’s I forte in assisting professionally to see if I can’t reach similar tweeters who might be interested in my content/services. People like event planners, real estate professionals, small business brick-and-mortars, authors, etc. These are the people I’m looking to help, therefore I need to find their hashtag conversations so I can start socializing with them and hopefully lead them to learn more about my brand.

3. Search For Your URL

Back to Twitter Search again. This is an absolute MUST if you’re not doing it already. Make sure you have a search constantly watching for your site’s URL to be tweeted. just type yourwebsite.com in search and see who’s sharing your blog posts or other pages on your site. Whether these tweeters are new or old readers, you’ll want to show them gratitude of sharing the love and put them on a list of people to watch and have regular social conversations with so they will continue to advocate for and feel a sense of ownership with your brand. This always leads to great organic growth from their networks.

4. Keep Your Commenting Platform Social

There’s nothing I love more than a good comment. So I make sure my blog’s commentators have a great platform to work with that will make them want to share their thoughts more often on my blog. Livefyre does that for me. Not only does it allow the comment authors to link to their site and latest blog post, but they can tweet that they commented on my site, which may lead a curious follower of theirs to visit and check out what’s happening in our conversation. Even if you don’t use Livefyre, make sure your comment platform makes being social super easy leading to new blog readers.

5. Just Tweet

I know you don’t want to hear this (or anything else I listed) because you wish growing an audience on Twitter was fast and easy. But it’s not. You have to let relationships grow with time and nurture them as they need to be. When you set aside some time in your day/week to just hang out on Twitter and socialize with people, you build some of the most meaningful relationships that way. And for a brand to show they’re willing to put in that time means they’re willing to spend just as much time making a customer happy. A good reputation to have.

How do you find your audience on Twitter?




photo credit: marfis75 via photopin cc