How To Find Your First Blog Readers

It’s fair to assume, and you often hear from the sources giving you blogging guidance, that no one is listening when you start blogging. At last check, there were 181 million blogs around the world (source). Competition is high. But don’t sell yourself short. Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’re building relationships somewhere and can gain some traction right away from the people who’ve already started to get to know you.

Prime example. This weekend, my friend Brittany Quinn finally took my advice and started a blog to talk fashion trends and outfit coordination advice. I wouldn’t try to talk someone in to blogging that isn’t absolutely brilliant about what they know, and she’s one of those people. Years in the making finally came to fruition. So kicked off its first blog post after launching Friday morning. Here are its opening weekend Google Analytics:

BQ Opening Weekend Analytics

75 unique visitors. 352 pageviews. 3.2 pages per visit. Not bad for someone who’s completely off the grid when it comes to blogging and marketing research. Literally the only online presence she has is her Facebook page full of friends and family, and a teeny tiny Twitter account. But that’s all she needed. Here are a few tips that you should follow that helped Brittany get her first blog reader.

Find your first blog readers:

1. Take advantage of your life network

Unless you’re a hermit crab, you actually do have an audience of some sort. Family and friends are the best people to help you spread the word more quickly to outside networks, especially in the beginning. So as I’ve said previously, start with who you know. Send a blast to your personal Facebook announcing your first blog post. Send a mass email to your contacts introducing the site for the first time. Add the link to your Linkedin profile. Keep it casual and be considerate of their time by letting them know you won’t bug them again with new blog posts unless they subscribe to your newsletter, but that you wanted your close network to be the first to see it.

2. Ask for a share

Your immediate network might jump aboard, or they might disregard your email. But if you remember to mention a special request, you can make that initial introduction go even further for you. “If you know someone who is interested in learning more about _______, please let them know about my new blog and how I can help.” Sometimes it doesn’t always occur to people that they should send the information to someone else, so if you remind them it’s more likely that a light bulb will go off of someone they know that could use the help. Boom. Word of mouth.

3. Be prepared for people who want to stick around

An absolute MUST before you start marketing your new blog: prepare a newsletter opt-in form with an email platform like Mailchimp or Aweber. If you don’t give people the opportunity to connect on a regular basis by way of email, you’re losing dedicated readers. Social media is nice and a follow on those networks is certainly a measurable advantage, but email is still where it’s at. Don’t lose out and have the form ready right away so that those first visitors can commit whenever they decide to.

What’s holding you back from starting a blog?

photo credit: mcclouds via photopin cc