What Drew Rosenhaus Taught Me About Crisis Management [VIDEO]

You can definitely tell a business and their social engagement smarts when you see how they react in a crisis. Whether typical, every day crisis management skills or approaching something they could never have planned for. If they know what they’re doing, they can come out on top.

I was reminded of this while watching a re-run of 60 Minutes this weekend. The one with the interview of Drew Rosenhaus, the most hated man in football… according to his competition anyway. He’s very good at what he does, the agent of nearly 200 NFL football players and managing their every day crises to maintain their image, lifestyle, and football career. He’s so good that, of course, they made a movie of him: Jerry Maguire. You know, the one with Tom Cruise. SHOW ME THE MONEY!! Yeah, that one.

On this week’s Triple S, I thought I’d share what he taught me about crisis management through social media:

Much of the reason for Drew’s success as an agent is credited in large part to his ability to handle crisis situations very well. Many of his clients, being NFL football players, are getting into trouble, go through a trade, get injured, get arrested. With a job that’s so susceptible to dealing with stress, panic, and tragedy, Rosenhaus has to be ready for anything. And he is. He’s calculated and ready to take on whatever obstacles come his way. And that is a great sign of a great business.

“I embrace that calamity. I’m comfortable in that chaos.” Drew says in his interview.

This perspective is so valuable as a business. If you think about the possible situations your business can possibly find itself in and prepare the necessary steps to properly represent your brand before it even happens, you’re very likely to come out on top and seen as a company that’s responsive and on top of their game.

At the Social Media Club meeting today, the running theme was to be prepared for the crisis you can expect. Even if what occurs could never have been planned for, your crisis management plan will have you light years ahead in preparation because you’ve already got an idea of how you want your brand to respond in high pressure situation and what your priorities should be throughout.

What kinds of crises could you look out for to prepare your business?