7 Quick Ways to Curate Content for a Blog Post

content curation in the form of fabric

Content marketing can sound like a very daunting task for businesses because of how much work it can be. But the truth is, some of the best content creation and blogging has come from simple curation of relevant content. A source for your readers to find the best of the best information in one place. Even if all the content wasn’t written by you, when you curate content that’s helpful to your audience you become a trusted source on the pulse of great information.

Here are 7 examples of how to curate content quickly to create a very quality blog post:

  1. Embed Videos on YouTube 
    If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it too many freakin’ times. YouTube is a top search engine of the Internet, second only to its owner Google. If people want to know something, there’s a good chance a video creator has made a video about it that’s worth sharing. When you’re thinking about a topic for your post, search YouTube for relevant content and watch for the best to curate. Once you embed the videos in your blog post, the work is pretty much done for you. Just add some summary copy explaining why you’re featuring it, who to credit, and what readers will see when they click ‘play’ that will help them and you’ve got yourself a very interesting and multimedia-filled blog post.
    Example: This post contains video interviews I did at Playlist Live in March. They all made great contributions to a post about YouTube as a profession (and I got some new eyes on my Schmittastic channel at the same time).
  2. Listen/Watch Interviews and Share Quotes
    I listen to a lot of podcasts and YouTube interviews so one of my favorite things to do is write down really interesting and motivating quotes from people in and around my industry. Maybe you even saw a quote printed in a recent article you read and it really stood out to you. If you have a list like this (or even if you don’t, you can easily do a quick Google search), curating these quotes around a theme for a blog post is one of the best ways to attract attention to your content. A list of motivational quotes? Boom. I’m there.
    Example: Here’s a great post from CoolStuffMarketing. Not only do they grab with you the headline: 10 Best Marketing Quotes of All Time, but the content is completely curated. Easy, but useful.
  3. Email Your Network for their Statement
    This is a great tip for not only curating great content, but to nurture your network and share their thoughts with your community. If you know a group of experts in a particular field or maybe other business owners who have an opinion on a similar topic, email them and get their statement. It’s a really cool way to bring new perspective to your audience that only you can provide because you’re taking advantage of your own colleagues to convey it.
    Example: The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur does the most amazing job of curating the thoughts and advice of his experienced network. Statement curation is a frequent post he features because of how well they do with his audience!
  4. Find the Best Blog Posts and Put them in a List
    This tip has been particularly successful for me. I wanted to share with my readers the best places to look for blog post ideas so I created a list of the resources I refer to when I’m struggling in that area. Turns out, the list was extremely popular and even some of the authors I linked to shared it with their communities. And to top it all off, for a period of time I was on the front page of Google for “blog post ideas” (it’s the top result of page 2 at the time of this writing… still pretty damn good!)
    Example: Here is my infamous post 353+ Blog Post Ideas to Inspire You.
  5. Embed Webinars or Presentations
    One of the coolest places to find great content on a particular subject is Slideshare. This is where many people will post their slides after a speaking opportunity – or even if they didn’t present at all and just want to share a visual presentation. You have full blown webinars speeches about anything you can think right at your disposal, waiting to be shared with your community.
    Example: Jeff Bullas shared the Top 10 Most Popular Facebook Marketing Presentations found on Slideshare.
  6. List Relevant Statistics
    People love facts. Whether they’ve been checked with every possible source or not, people don’t care. They just want something to report should a subject arise in conversation so they’ll sound smart. (Sorry. That was harsh. But it’s true. I seem to only ever hear statistics when someone’s trying to come up with something to say.) So take advantage of the need for information. Create a list of compelling statistics in a particular topic and you’ll definitely attract your audience, as well as new readers searching for quick facts.
    Example: Hubspot has The Ultimate List: 100+ Twitter Statistics.
  7. Share a Recap of Your Best Content
    You see this a lot, particularly at the end of a year. ‘Best of My Blog 2012.’ ’10 Most Popular Posts This Week.’ Everyone knows inside links are great for keeping people on your site. The more you link to yourself at an appropriate time, the more likely a reader will click to learn more. If you’ve written five great posts about a particular topic, curate them together. Recap your most popular posts of the year, the month, whenever! Any chance you get to get more attention to a post that’s not on the front page of your site anymore is a great idea.
    Example:  Check out my Top 10 Posts of 2011 on Savvy Sexy Social.

Have some cool ideas for how to curate content? Share!


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