5 Effective Call-To-Action Phrases

get instant accessThere’s a lot riding on creativity in marketing. You gotta be different. Stand out. Make them care about your brand. But all of that would be for nothing if you can’t close the deal.

From content marketing to commercials, there’s always some command that brings the campaign full circle. After creativity comes a call-to-action phrase — explicit instructions following relevant information for the captivated audience to understand what the brand wants them to do.

Why use a call-to-action? I don’t want to tell people what to do. Isn’t it obvious? Why depend on your customer to figure it out? If you can give them the opportunity to consider it right away with a quick statement, you’ll be much more likely to be successful in your efforts. Round about requests won’t get you anywhere.

Here are 5 effective call-to-action phrases that are sure to help you get results:


1. Get Free Instant Access

You’ll see the phrase a lot on email opt-in forms (such as the one in my sidebar —>). The goal here is to let you know that if you sign up, your gift is totally free and in your possession immediately after following instructions. Example:

  • Get Free Instant Access to my Ultimate Twitter Guide when you subscribe below! (Opt-in form to immediately follow.)

2. Click Here

This one might seem a little obvious, but at the same time that’s a reason why you might forget how effective it is. If you have something specific for the reader start the phrase with Click here and then follow it with why. Examples:

  • Click here to learn more
  • Click here to get started now

3. Call Me Now

If a phone call is necessary as a part of the action, then tell them to pick up the phone now and give the phone number right after. They shouldn’t have to guess that they need to call you or what your phone number is. Make it easy ’cause everyone’s got their phone on them. If you remember Miss Cleo, you know this was her winning phrase. Example:

  • Call Me Now for your Free Consultation at (555)555-5555

4. Act Quickly

A sense of urgency is a great way to get someone moving. Tell someone to Act quickly and follow it up with how and when the offer will expire. An interested customer who doesn’t have a lot of time to decide equals action taken. Examples:

  • Act Quickly and Sign Up Now! Offer Ends this Friday!

5. Add to Cart

If you have something for purchase then you definitely need a button for the transaction. Add to cart is a great way to insinuate that they should shop around your site and just tentatively think about buying your product in the meantime.

What call-to-action works for you?