I Went Zip Lining on Monday. How’s Your Week Going?

The pressure to keep up often keeps me really busy. I even work when I’m on “vacation”. Not just because there’s only one of me to do the work, but because I love it and I don’t want my need for a break to interfere with good business.

So usually I’m hard at work 7 days a week, only taking breaks for meetings, happy hours, or coffee meetings. But Sunday night, something fun came up.

My friend Brittany called and asked if I wanted to go the next day to Cumberland, Ohio (about an hour and half away from Columbus) and visit The Wilds for a safari tour and zip lining. “My cousin backed out. Ticket is totally paid for and I need to find someone. I think you’d love it.”

Well ya. How could I not love it?

So I woke up early on Monday and got ahead on most of the urgent projects I had on my desk, and then left for a new adventure in my own home state. The animals were so fascinating because this isn’t just a glorified zoo. The Wilds is hosting a lot of exotic animals in very close quarters of visitors. Along the tour Greater One Horned African Rhinos, Grevy’s Zebras, giraffes, and Bactrian Camel all greeted us at our open-windowed safari bus. Beautiful animals in a gorgeous terrain made just for them. And the zip lining… well that was just plain heart-pumping, butterflies in your stomach, living on the edge kind of FUN. Kinda crazy when you’re upwards of 70 feet above air, relying on a rope, harness, and 20-minute how-to session. Check out my video… cause you know I had to vlog about this:

Why am I telling you this stuff? Well this is my excuse for not making a video on Triple S this week (although you can check out my last one about moving Facebook friends to a business page). But also I wanted to express the importance of one of the luxuries entrepreneurs have, that they look forward to before they go out on their own, and yet don’t take advantage of very often. And that’s flexibility of schedule.

We do what we love so we can build our work around our life and not the other way around. This is just a reminder to make time for those moment when you can. And if you’re not quite there yet, I hope I’ve motivated you just a little bit more today.

You know that feeling when you just did something really f*cking cool? Like you’re a complete and total badass. That’s reason enough to do stuff like this for yourself. It will definitely boost your entrepreneural ego.