How to Avoid Awkward Facebook Invites

you're invited awkward facebook eventsOne of the more popular and annoying features on Facebook is the Event Page. Instead of the old paper invitations for children’s birthday parties or the disorganized calls and texts of a group happy hour, the Event Page is a great solution to ease of access and organization for event planning.

But sometimes you get that one event invitation that’s like “Why was I invited to this?” I especially feel this way when I’m friends with someone who does events for a living and they think I want to go to everything they do. I don’t. Or when you get that event invitation to something that isn’t even a real event… it’s just a call to action like “Vote for me!” or “Spread the word!” I’m sorry, but that’s what they have status updates for, people.

But the worst part of the whole invitation process is that when someone invites you personally to an event on Facebook, and then you RSVP, the person who invited you gets a direct notification from Facebook of what your response was. Talk about a “Debbie Downer”!

I don’t want someone to get a notification the second I said “no” to their request. And I’m sure they don’t want it either. I know when I invite people to an event and they RSVP no, all I’m thinking of is how mad I am at Facebook for making me see that in my updates. I don’t need that information at a moment’s notice! If I want to see who’s not coming, I’ll go check the event page when I’m prepared for rejection.

But never fear! You can avoid these awkward Facebook invitations and spare your organizer a bit of heartache with a little secret I picked up in my Facebook event experiences. To avoid RSVP altercations, follow these steps and pretend like it never happened:

  • Go to the event page
  • Find your name on the “Invited” list
  • Mouse over your name
  • Note the tiny “x” to the right of your name
  • Click that “x”
  • Your name will be removed and the invitation will dissappear

There ya go! No more weird Facebook event awkwardness. It’s not even on your calendar! If you’re thinking about an event and you don’t want it completely off your radar, you can always go with “maybe”. That never seems to go over badly if you can’t make it in the end.

Have a good Facebook RSVP horror story to share? Comment section please!