How to Tweet Your Way to Social Suicide

Spoiler Alert: Relate a national tragedy to your super cool product.CelebBoutique Aurora Tweet

You’ve no doubt heard about the terrible movie theater massacre in Aurora, Colorado that happened last week. Well, apparently CelebBoutique‘s community manager had not.

As you can see from the tweet above, the fashion retailer shared a link to one of their products that was ironically named Aurora when the Twitter manager saw that #Aurora was a trending topic on the social network.

CelebBoutique has since removed the horrific social misstep, blaming their community management team being from out of the country. I suppose that’s reasonable… if you hired a team that also does not implement common sense.

At least Kenneth Cole had the balls to know what was going on when he made a similar promotional mistake last year. (A mistake… or a controversial conversations starter… still not sure which.)

The fact of the matter is that if you find a trending topic (popular conversation on Twitter, if you haven’t picked that up yet) that you can profit off of, do yourself a favor and investigate what is triggering the conversation first. Then and only then, when you are in the know, decide according to your social marketing policies whether it is a conversation you want your brand to be a part of. Because often times you’ll find that religion, politics, and especially a national tragedy are not good ways to influence sales.

Sidebar: I’m so devastated over this tragedy. I see myself in so many of those lost and injured in this massacre. Especially Jessica “Redfield” Ghawi. The theater is a place where we all have the opportunity to step out of reality for a little while to visit another world. Another luxury that is forever tainted with fear and resentment by the ignorant and selfish. my condolences to the family and friends of those lost and hurt.