If You Tweetup They Will Come

I never dreamed my 300th blog post (or any of them for that matter) on Savvy Sexy Social would be about baseball. But I also never dreamed a lot of things. So there’s that.

Sunday night my boyfriend and I were fortunate enough to be asked by friends to head down to Cincinnati to check out a Reds game. It turned out to be a big game. So big that people were carrying around brooms and bragging about it being the “game of the week”. (Evidently the latter means it’s going to be featured on ESPN, but I stopped attempting to learn from there.)

The reason why I’m writing about it here is because I thought this was just going to be a nice evening of trying to catch home runs and eating Crunch and Munch and cotton candy to my heart’s content, then social media found me again. As it usually does.

Turns out the Cincinnati Reds are quite the tweeters. Between innings and any other space of time (which was actually VERY frequent because of the fact that it was a televised game) if they weren’t racing mascots on the field or conning attendees to humiliate themselves in a game for free coneys they were talking about all the Twitter activity happening with @Reds.

First, there was a running ticker of tweeters (people tweeting about the about the game) on one of the displays in the stadium for the first part of the game. Good idea since any tweeter would obviously love to see their poetic choice of 140 characters on display for the world. Engagement is officially on.

Then there was the break for the announcer to show the camera a special section of people who were specifically there are a part of an organized Reds Tweetup. If you’re not familiar with a tweetup, it’s basically a gathering of people who occupy Twitter and chat regularly about the same subject. In this case, the Reds of course. The fans benefited from discounted tickets and Cincinnati swag. Not a bad deal.

In addition to all this fun and engaging activity, they also featured something a song during a segment called “Twitter D.J.” which ended up featuring DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince’s song Summertime. What this had to do with Twitter, I have no idea. But I’m assuming it was suggested by a fan via the social network. You would hope.

Baseball stadiums take note: Fans like to tweet. Especially when they get something out of it. Ah social media. I love it.