My Top 5 Sources For Daily Industry News

You gotta feel for businesses today and how difficult it is to keep up with the changing face of marketing. I should know. I swear, half my job is to read the news. So I thought I would share my top 10 sources that I check daily in Google Reader to stay on top of what’s new and keep my strategies fresh.

Mashable — This one is probably pretty obvious to you if you’ve ever looked for social media and digital relations news. Mashable is a leading source for sure, with rumors floating around that even CNN wants to snatch it up. The thing you’ll really enjoy about this site is that not only will you probably find an answer to your question somewhere on the site, but the articles are really easy to understand and not too full of lingo without explanation.

Read Write Web — RWW is a great source for all around technology, web, and apps reporting. There’s often some really interesting studies and points of view to check out. I like their articles because I feel like I see a lot of interesting perspective there and that’s keeping my synapses firing with new ideas as well.

PR Week — Social media is not the end-all be-all. It might be my focus, but I know there are other aspects of marketing that strongly contribute to successful brand awareness. PR Week is my top source for… you guessed it… public relations news. There’s some great perspective there on integrating traditional with digital, something that is very important to embrace as a business(wo)man.

Macrumors — It’s always interesting to see what Apple has going on, and although I know that every source I list will probably post an article whenever something truly exciting is happening at the brand, Macrumors knows it ALL. As a matter of fact, they’re the reason I was able to get my iPhone 4S the day it came out, at the store, without a line, before anyone else. (The secret was to go to Sam’s Club!)

TechCocktail — It’s kinda hard to keep all the publications straight that have “tech” in the name, but this one is different. I like TechCocktail because instead of just the usual delivery of news in technology, social media, and apps, they care more about the path to success. Many articles you’ll find are interviews with entrepreneurs and startup founders talking about the trials they endured to get to to where they are. Interesting information for anyone in the tech world, much less fellow entrepreneurs. (Also, I recently started contributing to TC! Check out my post on how to automate your online chores.)

I wish I could say this is all I read but I subscribe to many, many more. Are you reading any of these publications? What are your favorite news sites?