BlogWorld East, My Birthday, and Plugins :: Welcome to This Week

me birthdayThis week is going to be a funky week on the blog for a couple of reasons. Let’s start with the most fun…


Go me. 🙂 But the actual reason why that is significantly impacting my blog is because to celebrate I’m traveling with some friends to New York City!! Can’t you believe it’s my first trip to “the big apple”? Me either. I travel so much but I tend to go west. Really looking forward to something new in my adventures. Not to mention, this is going to be a road trip. So for sure we will have some interesting vlogs along the way and you can see all that action on my personal YouTube channel, The Schmittastic Vlogs.

The main reason for the trip is because BlogWorld East will be going on. Always a great conference to attend for content and networking alike. Since I’m so used to attending their west coast stuff, I’ll be interested to see what new people I can meet in New York. And if you’re interested in attending, you can too! Maybe you don’t have to come with me to New York, but you can actually attend BlogWorld virtually! How convenient. Check out this affiliate link to learn more about what they have to offer at this year’s conference and if you think it could help you. (Oh and get an extra 10% from that rate with this discount code: “BWAPVIP10”!) Year after year this is a great conference to attend, and if you can’t make it in-person or virtually to this one watch for the West conference to return to Vegas in January!

Watch for any updates on what’s happening at BWENY on the Twitter account and you can expect to see takeaway blog posts (because I’m assuming I’ll have a bunch) published here next week.

So that conference will keep me really busy for the first half of our trip to New York, but after that I’ll be spending some time with one of my fave clients: Magnet Media Films. The plan is to visit their offices for the first time and get to know some of the people I haven’t been able to work with but do really cool things for the company. There will obviously be a video of my visit, so watch for that on the Magnet Blog.

Also, I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but I started a section in my portfolio of Savvy Sexy Social called #todaysoffice. I wanted to start this idea because the life of an entrepreneur takes you to a lot of places for work (especially lil’ miss traveler here) so I thought it would be fun to have that perspective somewhere. It’s sort of like my entrepre-diary and it’s going to be more interesting next week if you want to stay tuned.

So other than some fun pictures and videos, I’m probably not going to be updating much this week. Although I will say I’m hoping to have an episode of Shoot the Schmitt for you so you might be able to count on that. (Last week’s didn’t get published due to technical difficulties.)

On a final, more depressing note, You might notice the blog looks a little different these days. And that’s because last week, something happened with the plugins (WordPress-speak) on my site and I currently can’t have any of them activated because it will crash the back end of my site. So you’ll notice there’s a bunch of functionality and sidebar action missing. You can’t quickly share my posts with any buttons, my chat system Livefyre is not active, there’s not a friendly reminder under every blog post to subscribe to my email list, and there’s way more important stuff missing for me on my dashboard. So while I’m having my hosting company and WordPress Repairman work on this issue, it’s kind of bumming me out to even post anything in the meantime.

That’s all for now! Thanks as always for your Savvy Sexy Social love! I’m hoping to have some great nuggets of info for you when I get home from BlogWorld, but definitely watch for live-tweeting on Twitter, my shenanigans on YouTube, and other fun updates on my personal Twitter.