Introducing Shoot the Schmitt

When people ask me how I’ve been able to continue to work for myself without buckling under the pressure of the hustle, I tell them:

“Networking! Networking! Networking!”

Okay stop making copies of your resume. And the phrase “elevator pitch” should no longer be in your vocabulary. The only way to network is to make real, meaningful relationships with people. Which is exactly what you hear about social media and how to market properly with it. You haven’t been handed a free soap box on a silver platter. You’ve been given an opportunity to invest time in a better way to communicate.

So what the hell is Shoot the Schmitt?

I know you’d like to think this is the modern day Duck Hunt where you get to point a toy gun at me flappin around the YouTubes but unfortunately that is not what it is (although if I could get someone to design an image of that… I would frame it.) Shoot the Schmitt is an idea I came up with around the idea of showing you guys what I truly mean by networking, as well as creating fun and insightful content for the site.

The best connections you’ll ever make are with the people you can just shoot the shit with. Share ideas. Gossip about what’s happening in the world. Brainstorm. Figure out how to work together. Just be real about your passions. It’s not about how you can talk someone into hiring you. It’s about nurturing the relationship and seeing where it takes you.

So in an effort to shoot the shit with cool people on the Interwebs while also making content that is valuable for you, I’ve decided to start this podcast (available in video and audio formats). Basically, you’ll get to see what valuable networking looks like, as well as learn about some new stuff in the digital and social space.

It’s not a formal interview. It’s just me and good people talking about relevant issues, new ideas, and helpful tips. Everyone I introduce to you should be considered more of a co-host than a guest. The more relaxed this is, the more authentic. And that’s my goal for you guys. I want you to see the real deal.

Episode #1 is out today! Holla!!

P.S. If you know someone you think would be a great co-host and could hold their own in a Shoot the Schmitt episode, email me or leave a comment below!

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