How Are You Smart?

When I was young(er), I went to the same school where my mom was a teacher. (Yes, that means I was her student at one point. No, I didn’t get special treatment.) At the end of each day, I went to her classroom so we could ride home together. (She drove, of course.) And on one of those many days, probably between 3rd and 5th grades, I noticed that she had an interesting question waiting to be erased on the chalkboard: 

How are you smart?

When I asked what it meant, she explained that it’s the sort of question we should be asking when we’re getting to know others and how they teach and learn. The default question that we’re more accustomed to answering (especially in school) is “how smart are you?”

Unfortunate because that’s how kids get misdiagnosed and adults, misunderstood. If we simply inquire in more of a way that is intrigued rather than quizzing, we would probably have better answers to our questions.

The key to running a business, marketing, being productive, and living life efficiently in general, is to know how you are smart. Understand it. Expand on it. Pursue the hell out of it.

Not to get all Kindergarten on ya, but each of us is special and different. So embrace what you have to offer because it’s half the battle of how you’re going to succeed. The other half? To be continued…

How are you smart?