PATH = Passive Aggressive Tweets Here

pathListen. I ain’t got hate for people who use their social networks for emotional outlets. The shoulder to cry on. The company for their misery. Hell, sometimes I’m that person. Not often. Only sometimes. And usually about failed technology.

But I hesitate to use a network that only attracts my attention for that sole reason. And that’s my feeling towards Path.

Path is a social network only accessible through a mobile app (red flag número uno) that allows you to share status updates, location check-ins, pictures, sleep deprivation issues, etc. with only up to 150 contacts. It makes sense because they say a person can only have consistent relationships with up to 150 people in life at any one time, so the purpose of the network is clear and is executed very well. It’s a semi-private place for regular people and their friends.

But the only time I ever look to Path to report something in my life is when I need to take out my negative feelings toward something. Why? Because I know it’s not largely public, Google-able, or retweetable, therefore feelings exerted and no harm done. After all, according to Path these are supposed to be my closest friends.

However, everytime I’ve gone to Path because I wanted to get something off my chest, I never actually published it. For a couple reasons. One, the reality is it’s not a network of my closest friends. It’s a network of other power users like me, familiar with the platform that I have known socially or online in some capacity.  So they really aren’t the people I want to show my dark side to. Also, I don’t hit publish because it makes me feel bad that that’s the only reason why I go to open the app… ever. There should never be a network directly associated with my need to vent. Even if it’s very, very cryptic venting.

My community is on Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus. It does me no good to worry about the Path network because if those people want to know what’s up with me they will check my usual social footprints. Occupying this network that I don’t intend to use in a healthy and productive manner would be like frequently attending networking events to talk sh*t the whole time. (To those of you who do this, I know this great social network for you…)

Sorry to my Path friends. Tweet me later.