5 Reasons Email Rocks

Editor’s Note: This post was written by guest blogger, Katherine Salt of MarketingMy.

We’re constantly being bombarded with articles, news stories and people like me proclaiming the huge advantages of using social media for your business. Not only to grow your customer base but to build relationships with the ones you already have. It’s easy to forget about e-mail. So many of us are deluged with e-mails each day which barely get read. It can seem to be a pretty futile exercise investing time into an e-mail marketing campaign, however I still get my best results with e-mail marketing. I’ve even achieved a return on investment of 4000 to 1! E-mail may not be the new kid on the block but these are my 5 reasons why e-mail still rocks.

  1. Not everybody is on social media. It may seem shocking when you hear how many millions of people carry on Facebook, Twitter etc. Depending on your customer base you may have more people who have an e-mail address than a Facebook login.
  2. E-mails hang around a lot longer than Facebook posts or tweets. If you think you get a lot of e-mails imagine how many updates people see in their news feed on Facebook or on their Twitter account. They churn through at an alarming rate and your update can be easily missed if your fans and followers only check in once a day. Your e-mail however will sit in their inbox until they choose to delete it.
  3. E-mail is very low cost. There are many e-mail providers that offer simple setup, templates, analytics and help for you to avoid being labelled as a spammer. I think that everybody who works with e-mail has their favorite provider and mine is Mailchimp. One of the benefits of Mailchimp is that it’s free to send e-mails if you have less than 2,000 subscribers on your list. Other providers that you could use are Aweber, Constant Contact or iContact. They all have a free trial so you can get a feel if they are right for you.
  4. Higher response rate. I typically get a much higher response rate, e-mail marketing that I do from social media. Social media helps me build relationships and drive traffic to my website but e-mail helps make immediate sales.
  5. Messages can be targeted by audience interests. It is simple to segment the e-mails you send out based on your customers preferences and interests. This means that you can tailor the content, making it more relevant and therefore more effective. All you need to do is set up different groups in your lists and add them to your sign-up form. Subscribers can then edit their preferences whenever they want as well.

Whatever business you’re in, don’t underestimate the power of e-mail. Make it part of your marketing strategy and you will see immediate results.

Are you using e-mail marketing?