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Hey there Triple S readers! My name is Courtney Banks and I’m happy to be joining the crew here at Savvy Sexy Social as the lady in charge of The Weekly! Every Friday I will share all of our articles from the week, some featured tweets that were favorited by @SavvySexySocial (Psst! Follow her!), and any other posts that we found interesting for you to check out! Very similar to what you’ve seen Amy do before. I’ll also be adding a little of my own flair so you can get to know me better. You’re welcome.

I’m a 24 year-old Columbus implant hailing from Virginia. So basically I’m a little bit country and little bit rock-n-roll. Yes, Columbus is the rock-n-roll. I graduated from The Ohio State University and I love Columbus so much that I started a website with my good friend Anita Kwan called ThisIsColumbus, where we make video reviews of all the great eats, brews and people of our awesome city. I look forward to interacting with all of you and hearing your feedback in the comments section. Tweet me @CourtneyBanks and check out my website! Now without further ado, The Weekly.


This week I went to a spin class with Amy and some other social media sweethearts here in Columbus. Now, I’ve been trying to up my fitness routine for some time now, so my attendance didn’t shock me. However I then found myself at Yelp Helps (another local gathering that could have been categorized as a “tweet up”), where I saw a ton of my online friends.

Just a girl in a social media world seeing her Twitter and Facebook friends offline, nothing odd about that. Except that I’ve been holding up in my room all Winter. Crawling out from behind the glow of my laptop and into the daylight of the real world was just the jolt I needed to, putting it bluntly, get me off my ass. Not only literally because I’m always working on my website or catching up on my backed up DVR, but mentally. It kind of kicked me in the head.

It had been months since I had seen a lot of my social media connections in the flesh and surprisingly it’s just what I needed to inspire me to pursue my goals with more passion. Talking to my friends face-to-face about our projects re-ignited that excitement in me. It was great to hear their feedback, offer help, and to just see facial expressions rather than emoticons. Social media is awesome but don’t forget about the opportunities you’re missing by keeping all of your connections online. Get out there and connect with somebody!

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