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Tabatha Coffey on Small Business Success

Yesterday afternoon I went to the gym to get in my 4 mile run for the day. (Who runs 4 miles a day?? Someone training for a half marathon. That’s who.) I flipped on the plasma hoping that something on TV would keep me distracted from having to run for such a long time and on came The Talk. After listening to their rambling about various issues, finally an interesting and relevant segment came along — Redo You: Career.

Tabatha Coffey, host of the reality show Tabatha’s Salon Takeover on the Bravo network, joined the talk show segment as a guest to share her thoughts on her best tips to start and run a successful small business.

Coffey, who started her business in the wake up 9/11, squashes the idea that in a bad economy you can’t be successful in business. She says:

  • Have a great business plan
  • Make sure you have the resources you need
  • Get your finances in place

In regards to why women are more likely to start a small business than men, T.C. says the ladies think more creatively and want to nurture and grow a good idea into something fabulous so we are more likely to be the ones to take risks (yah baby!)

She also says that if you want to go into business but aren’t sure what you have is more than a hobby and could potentially bring in a profit you need to think about the following:

  • Do your research!
  • Know who your audience is. Who are you selling to?
  • Know how you need to market

Step One is ALWAYS to create a business plan!!

If you’re already in business, T.C. believes you really need to focus on your staff! Are they properly trained? Are they helping or hurting your bottom line?

And don’t forget that it’s all about the customer! Service is really important to maintain and grow your business relationships. Treat them the way you’d like your business to be run and respected in return!

More from Tabatha:

Aside from the clip above, they also had Tabatha answer some viewer questions at the end of the show. And the one I wanted to share with you was when one question asked:

What can I do to increase my clientele? I would like to know how to get even more traffic in our doors?

And guess what the first words out of T.C.’s mouth were? Social media! “I think a lot of businesses underestimate it.”