Proof Social Media Works

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10 days since my last blog post. 14 days since my last video. Bummer.

But this isn’t one of those posts where I’m like “I’m SOOOOO sorry guys!!! I’ve really been SOOOOOOOO busy!” I refuse to write a post like that because I despise reading posts like that. Such a cop out.

So instead I’m going to tell you why I know social media works for business.

My absence from the blog recently and my posting schedule this first part of the year has been affected by travel and work. Most definitely. But the really beautiful thing about that is I would have an influx of potential client meetings and more work coming my way if not for this blog and the rest of my social media presence.

I put a lot of work into, and take very seriously, my social media presence. Because it makes me feel cool? No. Because I’m addicted to technology? Almost, but no. Because of a certain ROI? Hell no. And stop asking what it is because it’s doesn’t exist.

I do it because it starts conversations with new people and businesses that contribute to my growing network. 

New clients are finding me by my blog. Potential clients are checking on how much I can really contribute to their business by reading about what I know on my blog. Potential partners check my experience with video making on YouTube and how much influence I have via Twitter as they decide whether they want me to be a spokesvlogger for their business.

All of these presences play a role because it gives me credibility in my field and helps people and businesses FIND ME. Not the other way around.

You know the saying “time will tell”? Turns out I’ve reached a point where time is not just telling. It’s screaming at me: “Amy. It’s paying off. You need help!”

So yeah. It’s time to listen. I take Savvy Sexy Social very seriously. I have a fantastic, brilliant, information-driven audience that I love to work for. And I still want to do that. So as we speak and in the coming weeks, I am going to be looking for regular contributors as well as getting a content manager to help me. I want to stay consistent and continue to bring you great content and I think this will help me, and you, a lot.

Thanks to you all and social media for helping my business grow. I promise not to let you down.