What I Like About Being An Entreprenewbie

me starbucks tv filter lens light schmittasticI can’t believe it’s almost been a year since I made the decision to work for myself full time (Update: It has officially been a year since the end of January). It’s been an interesting ride of new responsibilities and finding myself. And it still is and going to be, I imagine. But there are some things I’ve figured out thus far that have made it all the more interesting, because I’m not opting for what I would expect myself to. What do I mean, exactly? Well let me start with the fact that

I can sleep in as late as I want… and yet I don’t. I wake up earlier than I ever have.

It wasn’t this way in the beginning, but I was SO tired of waking up everyday after a late night of working/writing (I guess I’m more of a night person) and giving myself a guilt trip because I couldn’t roll out of bed until 9am. I finally figured out how to get my ass out of bed thank to an iPhone app alarm clock (something I used on my iPad until I got my first iPhone recently) that donates to charity every time you hit snooze.

It was a brilliant idea really cause I wouldn’t have to feel so bad when I slept in. I would know that someone is better off because of that decision. But for some reason, that’s the one thing in the world that has ever been able to consistently get me out of bed the first time my alarm goes off every. single. day. Maybe that makes me stingy, but hey, at least I’m waking up at a nice and early 6:30am.  Impressive, if I do say so myself.

No more guilt trips for sleeping in, a crucial part of working for yourself. Especially when you have home office, which leads me to my next point.

Working from home is the coolest thing in the world… but I actually wish I still had an office to go to.

You have no idea how much it pains me to say that. But it’s true. The #1 reason that always wanted to work from home was because of my beagle Lucy’s separation anxiety. I knew my presence would give her a more peaceful well-being. But the truth is that working from home makes it really hard to draw the line between work and family. I have a hard enough time making that differentiation since I’ve been building this business on the side of a “real job” for much longer, but now it’s like my clock doesn’t exist from the moment I walk into my office until I hear my boyfriend getting ready for bed.

I would really love to be able to just have to go to an office and still only answer to myself. But now that I’m finally fulfilling that need that my dog has wanted since she was 8 weeks old, I feel bad when I leave. It’s no shock that when I do get a chance to sneak out to a coffee shop, as loud and busy as it may be, it’s my most productive time. Especially when it comes to writing.

But, still this only happens once in a blue moon which means I keep waking up at 6:30am, walk 10 sleepy steps to my home office, and engross myself in the computer until sun down. You should see what I look like cause

It’s so amazing to not have to think about what to wear or how crappy my hair turned out… however I find myself still trying to get dressed wearing my business professional wardrobe even if no one sees me

I’m not kidding. Part of this reasoning is that obviously I can’t look like swamp thing all day when I record videos for some of my clients. And I usually like to dawn a tshirt for those most of the time. But I usually try to make a point of putting on normal, somewhat impressive clothes after a shower, makeup, and blow dry so that I can add another way to split up my day.

You see, if I have hose (or spanx… whatever you kids are calling them these days ) and heels on, I’m WAY less likely to forget when 6pm rolls around. Do I actually stop working? No. I change into my yoga pants and the key from there is moving to another room. No more home office for the day. Otherwise it will completely defeat the purpose of wearing fancy clothes. I could have just been super comfy all day if it wasn’t going to make a difference in my day.

Do dinner, boyfriend, television, the dog, house chores, and any other home stuff get in the way of getting back to the computer? Yes it does. But as long as I worked to the best of my ability to keep those things by the wayside through the normal work day, I don’t feel as bad.

Moral of this entreprenewbie’s story:

  1. Bask in the glory of being your own boss and being able to sleep in, and then pride yourself in being an early bird with the rest of the world.
  2. Tell everyone how convenient it is to not have a commute to work, decreasing gas or insurance costs, but make sure you are working in an area that keeps you on top of your game. There’s nothing cool about working from home if you’re not productive.
  3. Dress like you want to impress your boss. Then stop and look in the mirror to tell your employee how nice they look today. Instant ego trip equates to a confident and productive work day.

What do you love about being an entreprenewbie, even though it may not be what you expected? Leave a comment below!