Best Practices for Facebook Posting

Getting the attention of your audience on Facebook can be a difficult task, but you can make your job much easier if you know how to better your chances. Follow these best practices to increase your chances of getting seen, liked, and commented on Facebook.

Who: First and most importantly, you want to make sure the people that are fans of your page are targeted and excited about what you have to say. The chances of this are lower if you decided to buy fans from a 3rd party company who recruited untargeted fans to just increase your superficial numbers. Or if you decided to run a giveaway with a very untargeted winning prize (like an iPad or other expensive, but cross-targeted device) and recruited a whole bunch of fans who just wanted a chance at winning and never intend to engage with your posts again. Let your page grow organically and in a targeted way and even though the number of fans you have may not impress many at first, the amount of engagement you’ll receive will far beat out those who are more careless with their community growth.

What: Content! Content! Content! It’s so important that you strategize what kind of posts you want your brand to share with you community. You have to remember that it’s all about them and you need to share the stuff that’s going to grab their attention, address the issues they care about, and keep them engaged with your brand. That’s the only way to build trust with them so you can share what you think they need to know later. When you follow that protocol, you’ll be much more likely to earn new or returning customers.

When: This is a biggie. Not very often do users “Like” a fan page and then come back to visit. The only way to have them remember that you’re there is to show up in their newsfeed when they’re looking. In other words, if you’re not posting on Facebook when your community is likely to see your posts then you’ll probably never be seen. Think about who your audience is. If you’re trying to reach teachers, it’s unlikely they will be checking Facebook between the hours of 7am and 4pm. Work around that time frame and their timezones. If you’re trying to reach work-from-home moms, however, times during the day might actually be better with the kids at school or daycare. When you recognize the personalities you are attracting to your fan base, you can test times that you think work for them and then improve by looking at your Insights provided by Facebook and see when you are getting the most engagement.

Where: Obviously your broadcast posts need to be posted on your fan page (duh) but how can you think outside of the box when it comes to growing your Facebook presence? One of my clients is an event production agency. They have worked with a lot of great venues in their area and every time we create a post about an event we helped put together, we ALWAYS tag the venue in the post. This makes our update show up on their wall. Now why is this a big deal? It’s not like the post is sent out to all their fans, too. However, the manager of that venue’s page is going to see that you are crediting them and sharing their fan page link to your community, in which case you should be able to either negotiate a credit post for your page in return or get one just as a thank you without even asking.

Why: It’s very easy to forget the “social” in social media. As a matter of fact, “media” is all people seem to be recognizing these days. If you’re not keeping in mind the personal connections that can be built with your social presence then this form of media is never going to work for you. You have to do this for your customer. To show the good service of your business. Make it clear that you are a company that cares about its community. When you keep your “why” in mind, your presence will grow and the humanization of your brand will result in bigger business. But you have to remember the “why”.

How: Just do it. You’re never going to learn until you try and test. There are too many great sources on the internet to help you learn and just as many social media marketers that can tailor and teach. Don’t be the brand that’s not represented on social media just because you don’t know how.

What key advice do you keep in mind when you post to Facebook?


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