How To Create a Google Plus Brand Page

We’ve been talking about Google Plus Brand Pages for some time now and then they finally arrived this month. You’ve seen how the social network can help your Google rankings and give you a great chance to engage with your audience. So now, you’re ready to get your page up and running! Here are the steps to setting up a platform for your brand on Google Plus:

1. Go to You’ll be greeted by a lovely page (pictured below) with a big blue button that says “Create your Google + Brand Page”. Clickity click click!

2. The next page will give you an opportunity to choose what kind of brand you are looking to have represented on Google Plus. Click the category that best suits your business.

3. Depending on the option you choose in Step 2, you will be presented with some basic information to fill in about your brand such as name and website. Fill it in properly because this will be displayed on your profile and then move on to the next step.

4. This next part is more information about your brand: the tagline and the logo/photo. Come up with a VERY brief tagline (probably 10 words or so) to provide in the proper space and then upload the photo that you would like to appear as the brand’s avatar.

5. The following prompt will give you an opportunity let all of the people in your personal circles know that you created the brand page. Get the word out and you’ll jump start the first people to circle your brand.

6. That’s it! If you followed those instructions, you should officially have a brand page. Now you have some other information you can fill out in the profile to further explain your brand, and don’t forget to start posting on your wall! The more you engage, the more your audience will grow.

What do you think about the new Google + brand pages? Interested or not?

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