A Guide To Twitter’s Recent Changes

For those of you who tweet by using to Twitter.com (instead of a 3rd party application) you may have noticed some changes on your dashboard recently. The social network rolled out some additional features to help you see more activity between you and your followers giving you an opportunity to expand your network even more.


The Replies section which was previously called “Mentions” is now your @ name. So as you see in the picture, my column says “@Schmittastic”. They changed the name because it is no longer just your mentions. This column will now show you any activity in relation to your account such as:

  • Who follows you
  • Who favorited your tweet
  • Who retweeted your tweet
  • Who mentioned you
  • Lists that you were added to by other tweeters

My favorite part about this change is the fact that you can see retweets and favorites. Twitter was making it a little difficult to find this information before and it should be something that is easily accessible so you can interact with those who showed your tweet some love. So now that it is easy for you to find, make sure you are acknowledging the tweeters behind that activity. Everyone loves a retweet, but people like to be thanked for doing it even more.

If you’re not interested in the way this is set up and only want to see your mentions, there is also a checkbox in this tab that will allow you to go back to the old set up (pictured above).


Twitter also added an activity tab, so that you can track connections not directly linked with your account. You will see developments such as the following:

  • Accounts of tweeters followed by someone you follow
  • When someone you follow favorites someone else’s tweet
  • When someone you follow retweets someone else’s tweet
  • When someone adds another tweeter to a list

This column is a little bit busy and overwhelming at first when you’re not used to it, but it can be a great tool for finding relevant new people to follow. Sure, Twitter created a button in the top menu bar with a list of people you should follow, but the Activity tab will give you real time results of who the people your follow think are interesting enough to add to their own networks. Take this opportunity to check out new people and introduce yourself. 

What do you think about the new Twitter features? Helpful, too busy, or not really affecting you?


Bonus: Check out my Tweetfind video for more of my thoughts on these features. I promise you’ll be entertained 🙂