The NaNoWriMo Challenge

I am not an author.

The idea of writing a book sounds really scary to me, but also really exciting at the same time. (Probably why I surround myself with clients who have already done it.)

So when NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) rolls around each year, I get excited and also kind of overwhelmed.

Should I actually try to write a novel this time? Will I be able to do it? What would I even write about?

But the funny thing is that these questions could be asked any day of the week and during NaNoWriMo I should feel more comforted by the idea of writing my first book.

Why? Because of the great community that has been built over the years with this event. So many writers coming together to motivate each other to write a novel in 30 days. Such an exhilarating idea complimented with the peer pressure of wanting to finish. I’d say that’s a good formula for action.

So will you act?

Are you a seasoned writer always looking for a reason to write down your next great adventure? Are you unsure of the event but have lots of ideas to put down on paper? Maybe you’ve written a book before and you remember how hard it was, and the idea of doing it in 30 days sounds dreadful.

No matter your experience level. No matter your reservations. I challenge you.

Don’t worry. I’m challenging myself, too.

And we’re all going to be a part of the Savvy Sexy Social NaNoWriMo Team!

How about we slim it down a little?

NaNoWriMo: Team Triple S

The Goal: To write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days (1,667 words per day!)

When: Participants can begin writing at Midnight on Tuesday Nov. 1st and must be finished by 11:59pm on Wednesday Nov. 30th.

How: Sign up for an official account with the National Novel Writing Month community. Then sign up with the Team Triple S chapter’s e-mail list for motivational writing and productivity tips in your inbox every day of the challenge so we can help each other get to the finish line!

Why: All Team Triple S participants who finish their novel within the NaNoWriMo requirements will receive a special, personalized gift from me!

Fun Stuff: Make sure you get your own NaNoWriMo badge (the code is in the sidebar —->) so you can share with everyone that you are participating!

So sign up! And quick! I am going to shut down opt-ins for this group at 11:59 October 31st. Only people that sign up in time to start with everyone else will be in the Triple S chapter so all is fair.