Who Are You Blogger Friends?

Much of what I do to grow my online presence, as well as my clients’, is build relationships with people.

But Amy, I thought you were a social media expert. Always working sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc?!

I definitely am working on a lot of social media platforms every day. But only because they make it easier for me to find great people and learn how I can help them, becoming the start of a beautiful bloggy relationship.

Much of this is what people call blogger outreach. The more bloggers I get to know and help, the more bloggers I may be able to ask to help me out in the future.

Why is getting to know bloggers important?

Good question. If your own blog community is about the size of your immediate family, knowing bloggers is a great place to start building. When you know someone with a similar niche, their community might be interested in joining you on your blog. It’s not that easy, as many blogger outreach strategists so poorly demonstrate (HIIIIII, blogger! Can I PLEASE guest blog on your site?!?!?!). You have to earn in order to get access to someone’s community that they worked so hard to grow. Hard work you can now appreciate since your community ain’t so impressive yet.

I talked to my friend Jay Beurick of onlinerepmanagement.com about this topic. “Building real relationships with other bloggers can be more important than content itself when building your own site. Knowing someone who is one step higher than you can often benefit your blog on many levels.”

Relationships are the key.

If you want to know what it takes to find, create, nurture, and benefit from new relationships that can grow your online presence, let me show you how.