Savvy Sexy Social: State of the Union

We are officially in our 8th month on Savvy Sexy Social and I’m so pleased to report some spectacular growth.

As most of you know, I have been publishing blogs at least daily since August 1st. This change in my editorial calendar resulted in August being our best month EVER with an increase in pageviews of 53% and an increase in absolute unique visitors of 74%.

To give you an idea of how much that affected the blog, prior to blogging daily our average monthly increase since the start of the blog in page views was 4% while unique visitors were only increasing by on average by 9%.

September was also a spectacular month for traffic as the daily blog posting schedule continued with an increase in monthly page views of 18% and an increase in monthly unique visitors of 20%.

And, of course, as traffic increased, I’ve also seen a great increase in my e-mail subscriber list. A 160% increase in subscribers for the month of August and 55% increase in September. 

Goals for Savvy Sexy Social: As we continue to grow, we definitely have some things we need to improve on. Our bounce rate is just a couple percentage points too high at 67%. Ideally, sites should be lower than 65%. Also, I’d like to see my Pages Per Visit stat increase as it has not touched its record high of the first month we launched (when you’re new, people are more likely to surf around I suppose).

Takeaway: If you learn anything from the great success that I have seen from Savvy Sexy Social in the last couple months, it should be that you stay in contact with your community and promote the heck out of your content. Blogging on a consistent basis not only keeps your site fresh, but gives you something new to share frequently. This makes promotion easier and more interesting for your social networks. Daily posts may not be the answer for you, but you never know until you test.

To the new members of the community, we welcome you and hope that you continue to find the information that you need for your social presence  here on Savvy Sexy Social. Also, please take the Triple S Reader Survey by clicking here or you can stay on this page and find the survey in the right-hand sidebar (I will probably leave it there for another few weeks). This will help me so much to learn more about you and how I can help you with great content.

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